Friday, March 30, 2007

GOP's Pro-Growth Candidate

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By Kimberley Strassel

Republican voters are eyeing their presidential candidates up and down, wondering just what core conservative principles lurk beneath the expensive suits. They received their first inkling this week when the front-runners--namely Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani--started showing some leg on an issue that has the potential to galvanize the race: pro-growth economic policies.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Mitt Romney More Deeply Conservative Than Obvious?

By Rev. Brian Eenigenburg
Holy Instant Christian Church

On the surface it might seem strange that the fiesty conservative magazine "NewsMax" would feature on their cover a candidate formerly known as a "businessman Republican," "pragmatic Republican," or perhaps "independent-leaning Republican" whose history had shown at best little ideological loyalty to bedrock conservative principles.

But wait. Have we not learned we simply cannot judge by surface appearances? And have we not learned God can work in mysterious ways, and God has a plan of salvation for humankind and indeed all earth?

What if there is a principle of conservatism which has nothing to do with the usually talked about "conservative issues?" What if there is a deeper principle of conservatism which says a man guided not only by his intellect, but by his spirit, deserves and earns support even if he doesn't really want to be a leader on an ego level?

What if there is a deeper principle of conservatism which says a man guided by his spirit can find himself changing his intellectual conclusions ... and that kind of willingness, that kind of "teachability," is a quality of a great leader?

What if there is a deep principle of conservatism which says we are all in this together and we naturally and gladly support a leader who can not only feel our pain, but is capable of feeling far deeper than our pain and joining with us on a spiritual level?

Mitt Romney might say his religion, Mormonism, has helped him to be in touch with his spirituality. Others will question the surface teachings of his religion but rejoice that Romney is blessed to be in touch with his spirituality. Maybe there is a very deep principle of conservatism which says regardless of how it was achieved it is a person's spirituality that counts for everything.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Romney Can Return Fiscal Sanity To The U.S.

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By: Tony Stickland
Ventura County Star

"As a lifelong fiscal conservative, I feel the greatest dangers to our country's continued strength and influence are easily found in our nation's capital – overspending and overtaxation. The bedrock principle of the Republican Party used to be fiscal discipline, but in the past few years, we have lost our way." ... "Romney stands alone as the only presidential candidate with specific proposals to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington: - He knows that tax increases only make it easier to spend. Romney was the first major 2008 presidential candidate to sign the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge,' meaning he will oppose efforts to hike taxes. He also supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent and repealing the death tax. - As governor of one of the nation's most liberal states, he tirelessly fought to cut Massachusetts' income tax - something the state's voters had agreed to, but which the Democratic-led Legislature had resisted. He turned a $250 million retroactive tax increase into a tax refund, cleaning up a mess that would have unfairly penalized taxpayers and sent a chilling message to businesses. - As governor, Romney was not afraid to use his line-item veto authority often to eliminate millions in wasteful spending. He believes the president should have this powerful line-item veto authority. - As president, Romney would cap growth in nondefense discretionary spending at the rate of inflation minus 1 percent. He would push for presidential authority to spend up to 25 percent less than Congress appropriates in a spending bill, and he would lead a top-to-bottom review of all government spending." ... "Who among the candidates is best prepared to dig us out of this hole and allow America to maintain its status as a force for good in the world? The answer is clear: Romney is the right man for the job." - Tony Strickland, of Moorpark, served three terms in the California Assembly. He also served as president of the California Club for Growth, a taxpayer advocacy group. His wife, Audra Strickland, is the 37th District assemblywoman.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

America at Crossroads

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By: Tim Rohwer

"America is at a crossroads, according to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"It can go down the path of bigger government and more spending or the conservative route championed by Ronald Reagan, which is the best way, he said.

"'It's smaller government and letting people have more of their income,' Romney said in Council Bluffs Thursday. 'It's the right path for America.'

Romney appeared before some 200 local Republicans at the Mid-American Center and spoke of the challenges facing this country, both at home and abroad.

"'We're facing competition for our goods and services. We're spending too much money in Washington, using too much oil, our schools are falling behind,' he said."

Romney believes his years managing state government as the conservative governor of Massachusetts make him a better choice for president than any of the liberal Democratic Party candidates who 'have never managed a corner store.'
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Romney reiterates support for war

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Conservative GOP candidate visits Milwaukee

During a Milwaukee campaign appearance Friday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney defended President Bush's troop buildup in Iraq and warned against any quick U.S. withdrawal.

"I want to see us be successful, if at all possible, militarily" in backing a central government and military in Iraq, said Romney, a Republican candidate for president. He spoke to about 100 people attending a fund-raiser breakfast at the University Club and also addressed reporters.

If the U.S. were to leave now, Iraq could become bogged down in a regional conflict with other Middle East nations and political movements, he said. The U.S. should remain involved fighting in Iraq "as long as there is a reasonable probability" of Iraq's fledgling democratic government succeeding in quelling sectarian violence, Romney said.

He'd like to remove U.S. troops "as soon as we possibly can," he said. Whether the increased presence of U.S. troops helps or not should be clear in several months, Romney said.

He also underscored his opposition to legalized abortion, an issue on which Romney's been accused of switching sides. Romney, 60, acknowledged he had supported abortion rights in the past, but said he's always personally been against abortion. He said he switched his public position to opposing legal abortion during a debate on human cloning while he was governor, from 2003 to early this year.

He said states should have the right to determine their own laws on abortion.

Asked to characterize his political views, Romney said he was a fiscal, social and foreign policy conservative. He's come under criticism for shifting rightward for the GOP presidential primaries.

Romney said he expects to be an appealing candidate, in part because of his diverse background that has included work in private business and heading the organizing committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In the polls, Romney has generally trailed fellow Republicans Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Friday was Romney's 24th straight day on the road, mostly raising campaign cash. Aides did not release how much was raised in Milwaukee, but the $500 charged each of the 100 attendees for the breakfast would have pulled in at least $50,000. Some also paid more for a "VIP reception" with Romney.

He said he considered himself a proponent of Midwestern values, noting he grew up in Michigan and visited Wisconsin as a boy when his father headed American Motors.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney - The Leadership America Needs

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By: State Senator Joseph Kyrillos, Jr.

"In the early months of the campaign for the presidency, many of the candidates are promising changes in Washington. But I am convinced that the best candidate to actually deliver lasting change and new leadership is Governor Mitt Romney." ... "I have seen him deliver practical solutions to some of the toughest problems facing American families today: the high cost of college and the high cost of health insurance. As someone who has worked hard on those and related issues here in New Jersey, I can tell you Governor Romney's ideas have turned heads across the country for their wisdom." ... "Unlike the politicians trapped inside Washington's Beltway, Governor Romney has learned what makes America move forward, and he is ready to tap that enormous wellspring of energy. "We face a mountain of red ink because of overspending and insufficient oversight in Washington. In Massachusetts, Governor Romney vetoed hundreds of wasteful appropriations to help achieve a balanced budget in each of the four years he led the state. "Unlike any other Republican candidate, Governor Romney has laid out a plan to bring spending discipline to Washington." ... "Importantly, Governor Romney understands that when governments run deficits, the last thing you should do is raise taxes. Raising taxes only takes money out of the hands of people who could be investing, saving, and creating jobs - the kinds of activities that lead to greater tax revenues down the road. That is why he has pledged to support making the Bush tax relief permanent." ... "Of course, the voters cannot anticipate every challenge that a president may face in four years. We need a leader ready to rise to every occasion - a leader that embodies the qualities necessary to uplift and inspire our great nation. In much the same way Ronald Reagan did not so many years ago, Governor Romney is ready and has the ability to call upon the fundamental strengths of the American people so that we are encouraged to reach for a better tomorrow. Over the next few months, the American people will get to see this special quality up close as I have had the privilege of seeing so many times before." ...View Entire Article

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Romney: Reform immigration

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Council Bluffs, Ia. - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told about 300 southwest Iowa supporters Thursday that he maintains his tough stance on illegal immigration but proposes offering foreign students attending U.S. colleges and universities the chance to remain legally in the country upon graduation.

"Our immigration laws are upside-down," Romney said. "It makes no sense at all that we have concrete borders with people who have skills and education, but we're wide open to people who have neither."

The former Massachusetts governor, who spoke at an invitation-only luncheon at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, has criticized Democrats as well as Republican rivals for their views on immigration. He has said he opposes a proposal by Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain that would grant some illegal immigrants citizenship.

"I don't think there should be a pathway to citizenship for people who are here illegally," Romney said.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Former Iowa Christian Alliance Director Joe Earle Joins Romney For President

Boston, MA – Governor Mitt Romney today announced that Joe Earle, immediate past Director of Outreach with the Iowa Christian Alliance, has joined his campaign for President. Earle will provide insight and advice to Governor Romney as he works to build grassroots support across Iowa.

"I am very pleased to welcome Joe Earle to my Iowa campaign team," said Governor Romney. "As my campaign gathers momentum, Joe will help to communicate my optimistic vision for the future to voters who agree that our nation's strength rests on a set of firm, unwavering principles."

With today's announcement, Joe Earle said, "Governor Romney has an impressive record on the issues that matter most to conservative Christian voters. Whether leading the fight for traditional marriage, implementing abstinence education programs or standing strong on Life, Governor Romney has shown the integrity and leadership necessary to move our nation forward."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Source of America's Strength

"I believe the American people are the source of our strength.

They always have been. They always will be."

~Mitt Romney

Monday, March 19, 2007

U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch Endorses Governor Mitt Romney For President

Boston, MA – Governor Mitt Romney today announced that U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States. Senator Hatch joins a growing list of U.S. Senators who have already announced their support, including Senators Robert Bennett (R-UT), Larry Craig (R-ID), and Jim DeMint (R-SC).

"For more than 30 years, Senator Hatch has been a powerful and effective conservative voice in the United States Senate," said Governor Romney. "Senator Hatch is a leading authority on judicial matters and has worked to cut down the size of government and let hardworking Americans keep more of what they earn. I am honored to have him on my campaign."

"Governor Romney has the leadership qualities we need to bring real change to Washington," said Senator Hatch. "Governor Romney has the vision needed to meet the new generation of challenges facing our country. People in Utah remember well his turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics. His record as Governor is equally remarkable. At a time of unprecedented challenges, we need to elect an innovative problem solver like Governor Romney."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Support of Strong Families

"America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home." ~ Mitt Romney

Saturday, March 17, 2007