Monday, March 26, 2007

America at Crossroads

In the News

By: Tim Rohwer

"America is at a crossroads, according to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"It can go down the path of bigger government and more spending or the conservative route championed by Ronald Reagan, which is the best way, he said.

"'It's smaller government and letting people have more of their income,' Romney said in Council Bluffs Thursday. 'It's the right path for America.'

Romney appeared before some 200 local Republicans at the Mid-American Center and spoke of the challenges facing this country, both at home and abroad.

"'We're facing competition for our goods and services. We're spending too much money in Washington, using too much oil, our schools are falling behind,' he said."

Romney believes his years managing state government as the conservative governor of Massachusetts make him a better choice for president than any of the liberal Democratic Party candidates who 'have never managed a corner store.'
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