Friday, March 23, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney - The Leadership America Needs

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By: State Senator Joseph Kyrillos, Jr.

"In the early months of the campaign for the presidency, many of the candidates are promising changes in Washington. But I am convinced that the best candidate to actually deliver lasting change and new leadership is Governor Mitt Romney." ... "I have seen him deliver practical solutions to some of the toughest problems facing American families today: the high cost of college and the high cost of health insurance. As someone who has worked hard on those and related issues here in New Jersey, I can tell you Governor Romney's ideas have turned heads across the country for their wisdom." ... "Unlike the politicians trapped inside Washington's Beltway, Governor Romney has learned what makes America move forward, and he is ready to tap that enormous wellspring of energy. "We face a mountain of red ink because of overspending and insufficient oversight in Washington. In Massachusetts, Governor Romney vetoed hundreds of wasteful appropriations to help achieve a balanced budget in each of the four years he led the state. "Unlike any other Republican candidate, Governor Romney has laid out a plan to bring spending discipline to Washington." ... "Importantly, Governor Romney understands that when governments run deficits, the last thing you should do is raise taxes. Raising taxes only takes money out of the hands of people who could be investing, saving, and creating jobs - the kinds of activities that lead to greater tax revenues down the road. That is why he has pledged to support making the Bush tax relief permanent." ... "Of course, the voters cannot anticipate every challenge that a president may face in four years. We need a leader ready to rise to every occasion - a leader that embodies the qualities necessary to uplift and inspire our great nation. In much the same way Ronald Reagan did not so many years ago, Governor Romney is ready and has the ability to call upon the fundamental strengths of the American people so that we are encouraged to reach for a better tomorrow. Over the next few months, the American people will get to see this special quality up close as I have had the privilege of seeing so many times before." ...View Entire Article