Monday, April 30, 2007

Romney Is "Always Ahead of the Curve"

From the Christian Broadcasting Network

by David Brody
CBN News Capitol Hill Correspondent

Romney 'Nukes' His GOP Opponents

This Mitt Romney guy is really something else. I've been researching the candidates for months now and Romney always seems to be ahead of the curve.
Tonight at Yeshiva University in New York he's going to propose that as President he would create the position of a nuclear terror ambassador.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Romney: I'll Change Washington

In the News

By: Jim Devine
New Hampshire Union Leader

"In a packed Bickford's Restaurant, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told voters last night he would use his business sense to 'take Washington apart' and make it run more effectively if elected President.

"An enthusiastic crowd listened to Romney's plans to expand the military by 100,000 troops with enlistment incentives and better spending to ensure America's defense while emphasizing the importance of fiscal responsibility in government to eliminate wasteful spending.

"'Things change and they either get better or you go out of business,' Romney said. 'In government things never seem to change, but it's never going out of business.'

"Romney warned that the greatest evil facing America now is the threat of 'nuclear jihadists.' He said the U.S., along with moderate Muslim governments, must put more pressure on Iran."


"The event, hosted by residents Jeff Hatch and Judy Galluzzo, was attended by more than 120 people seated closely together in the restaurant off Route 28.

"'It was really supposed to be a small gathering in my home,' Hatch said.

"The venue change was needed, however, as the expected crowd grew."


"'I think he's a good family man,' Leo Monfet, a Salem businessman, said. 'He's a responsible guy, I like him and I think he'd be good for the country.'"

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Romney Agenda

America's Global Challenges:

Governor Romney Believes We Must Make Four Critical Changes If We Are To Meet A New Generation Of Global Challenges:

- First, We Need A Strong Military. Governor Romney will increase the size of our armed forces by 100,000 troops and dedicate at least four percent of our GDP to the military.
- Second, America Must Become Energy Independent. To do this, Governor Romney has called for a bold research initiative – an Energy Revolution.
- Third, We Must Transform And Strengthen Our Civilian International Efforts To Meet A New Generation Of Challenges.
- Fourth, We Need To Strengthen Old Partnerships And Alliances, And Inaugurate A New One, To Address The Threat Of Jihadism.

Read Governor Romney's Full Plan Here:

Monday, April 23, 2007

It Takes A Fiscal Conservative To Change Washington

In the News

By: Vin Weber
National Review Online

"Since President Reagan, the cornerstone of the conservative economic agenda has been lower taxes. Conservatives understand that the fundamental strength of America is found in the American people, not the government. Like Reagan, Governor Romney believes that the American people are strengthened when the burden of government is lowered and taxes are cut. More importantly, Governor Romney has a record of successfully putting this important principle to work."


"To ensure America's continued economic growth, Governor Romney has outlined the need for further tax cuts. As a first step to ensuring Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money, he will make the Bush tax cuts permanent. He will lower tax rates for all Americans, fight to abolish the death tax, allow middle-class Americans to save money tax-free, and make our corporate tax rates more competitive. This is a strong agenda of lower taxes and strengthening the American economy.

"The foundation of Governor Romney's lower taxes agenda is his pledge to fight proposed tax increases. He was the first 2008 presidential candidate to sign the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' committing himself to oppose any proposed tax increases."


"More than any other candidate, Governor Romney has outlined an aggressive agenda to cut the size of government while transforming it to meet this century?s challenges. The centerpiece of Governor Romney?s proposals to limit the size and scope of government is his pledge to veto any budget – Republican or Democrat – that does not cap non-defense discretionary spending at the rate of inflation minus one percent. This will save taxpayers $300 billion over ten years. Governor Romney will also seek line-item veto power and lead a review of each individual federal program to eliminate bureaucracy and waste.

"Throughout his career in the public and private sectors, Governor Romney has practiced the policies that many conservatives have advocated for years. More importantly, he has made them work. He has harnessed America's entrepreneurial spirit whether by transforming companies and lowering taxes as Governor of Massachusetts. He has cut the size of government and closed budget gaps without raising taxes or borrowing more money. Most importantly, he believes that the American people are the source of our greatest strength and that is the heart of conservative economic policy."

-Vin Weber, a former U.S. congressman from Minnesota, is policy chairman for Romney for President.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Governor Romney Supports Abolishing The Death Tax


As President, Governor Romney Will Fight To Permanently Abolish The Death Tax. As part of his agenda to lower the tax burden on the American people, Governor Romney has proposed permanently eliminating the Death Tax. Governor Romney believes you strengthen the American people by letting them keep more of their own money, and not taxing their families at death.

- Under The Current Law, The Death Tax Is Set To Return In 2011. Under President Bush's tax relief, the Death Tax is gradually phased down through 2009 and completely eliminated in 2010. However, unless Congress takes action, the Death Tax will return in 2011. This uncertainty in the tax law makes it harder for families and small businesses to do estate planning and save and invest their money.

- Governor Romney Believes The Death Tax Is Fundamentally Unfair. Governor Romney believes the Death Tax unfairly impacts families, farmers, ranchers and small businesses. These are the engines of America's economic growth and they should not be burdened by unfair taxes. By eliminating the Death Tax, we will help thousands of Americans take money that would be used to pay an unfair tax and instead use it fuel economic growth.

Governor Romney's Lower Taxes Agenda:

To Ensure America's Continued Economic Growth, Governor Romney Will Fight To Cut Taxes For All Americans. Lower taxes are a key to ensuring continued economic growth and job creation.

- Governor Romney Was The First 2008 Candidate To Sign The "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" Promising To Oppose Any Effort To Increase Taxes.

- Governor Romney Will Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent. Governor Romney believes making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

- Governor Romney Proposes Lower Tax Rates For All Americans. This approach is fair, simple and extends the pro-growth benefits of tax rate cuts to all Americans.

- Governor Romney Proposes A Savings Incentive Plan. Middle-class Americans will be able to save and earn interest, dividends and capital gains tax free. We need to end tax penalties on savings and investments for middle class families.

- Governor Romney Believes Our Corporate Tax Rate Must Be Competitive With The Rest Of The World. The United States has the second highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. We simply cannot afford for future economic growth to have a tax rate that is out of alignment with the other major economies of the world.

- Governor Romney Has A Record Of Fighting For Lower Taxes. As Governor of Massachusetts, he turned a $250 million retroactive capital gains tax increase into a $250 million refund, made the investment tax credit permanent, passed sales tax holidays, gave property tax breaks to seniors, and in each of his last three years in office, submitted a budget that cut the income tax.

You Can Ease Minds Regarding Romney's Religion

By Rev. Brian Eenigenburg
Holy Instant Christian Fellowship

In the first part of this article, I suggested two simple approaches you can use to help friends and relatives see that Mormons are just like you and me, and have a great deal to offer in this day and age to make our world a better world.

That’s a start. But a third approach goes a little deeper as you clarify a few misconceptions for those close to you and help them see that there is nothing to fear from Mormon theology.

Although it might seem strange to theologians, the primary concern of Jesus Christ is not theology. In His words, “Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend on belief and can therefore be accepted or rejected. A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.” (ACIM Manual for Teachers)

In other words, Jesus is telling us it is the spiritual experience that really matters, and by implication we really needn’t care what theology others temporarily hold in mind, because He guarantees that the same experience waits for all of us. Hallelujah!

This is not to say that somebody couldn’t invent a theology which makes it very difficult for people to accept the experience Jesus offers us. Many political leftists have made Marxism their “religious theology” without a God, yet if you talk to anybody who has ever lived under a Marxist regime you will be told horror stories of real institutionalized oppression, as well as an all-pervading suppression of spiritual experience. Even in 2007 in the Democratic Party we see a new-leftist candidate, Barack Obama, who subscribes to misnamed “liberation theology,” which is an attempt to sneak the wolf into the flock in sheep’s clothing- Marxism clothed as Christianity.

Mitt Romney is light-years ahead of Barack Obama. Mormonism, unlike Marxism, does not inconvenience the individual spiritual experience, but strongly encourages the spiritual awareness which Jesus invites us to focus on.

Some might say, “But Mormons have such a weird theology? I know they are not saved.”

Does anyone really have so little trust in Jesus Christ? All Mormons deeply believe and thoroughly testify that Jesus Christ is their savior. They place their attention on Jesus Christ many times throughout their days and accept Him into their lives as completely as possible, attempting to feel His presence and hear His guidance. Can anyone really believe that Jesus will not perfectly care for and guide His Mormon sheep, just as He cares for and guides other Christians? To say that Mormons are not saved is to place no trust in the power and intention of Jesus Christ.

"But Mormons have other scriptures besides the Bible."

It certainly seems so, judging by surface appearances, doesn't it? But Jesus warns us against judging by surface appearances. I am a devout Christian living in a heavily Mormon state and I've talked at length with many Mormons. Active Mormons have told me the only true "holy scripture" of Mormons is the Holy Bible. Yes, Mormons have other books they revere, just as Catholics and Protestants have the books of St Augustine, Martin Luther, or John Calvin. But they say their "Book of Mormon," for example, is not on a par with "holy scripture," but is "another testament to Jesus Christ," which they say is a highly valuable aid in understanding the Bible.

In short, unlike the "liberation theology" of Barack Obama, Mormons have had no agenda to redefine or remake Christianity. Mormons understand that salvation is a very personal experience between Jesus Christ and individuals, not between Jesus Christ and social groups deemed to be "oppressed."

If you are able to use this viewpoint I have gained of Mormons to lovingly nudge your friends and acquaintances to open their minds a bit, they will certainly feel the spiritual joy of freeing themselves from any unreasonable nitpicking that might have been in their their minds. Mormons do not judge other Christians. What sense does it make for other Christians to judge Mormons?

Finally, if your friends and acquaintances achieve a little openness and indicate they might be willing to consider Mitt Romney for President you'll want to loan them a book to read. So be sure to have on hand several copies of "A Mormon in the White House?" by Hugh Hewitt. You can also ask them if they would like you to send a video clip they can watch on their computer: Mormon in the White House video clip.

One time I heard inside, "Pray for Sean to arrive." I didn't know at the time who Sean was and objected, "I'm not going to pray to influence a person's decisions!" My inner voice answered, "Just pray for Sean's resistance release. He wants to arrive, but he is in resistance." I didn't mind praying for someone to release resistance, since resistance release is the teaching of Jesus. Within a couple months I met Sean and had a new friend and spiritual ally.

When you go among your friends, acquaintances, and relatives with the goal not of influencing their vote but of helping them to release unreasonable resistance, you are helping your friends more than you imagine. And who knows? They might have wanted to release their resistance anyway ... so they could arrive and be with Mitt Romney.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mitt Romney- CEO For the USA?

In The News

By: Richard Lowry
National Review

"Mitt Romney tells the audience at a town-hall meeting here how his kids got him a 1962 Rambler - the American Motors car produced by his dad George Romney – for his 60th birthday. It seems just a charming story to warm up the crowd. Romney says, 'We got it started, drove it up the road – and then pushed it home.' People laugh. But Romney is really telling a parable about his favorite theme: change.
"He says his 1962 car had no arm rest, no seatbelts, no bucket seats, and a great big steering wheel that it took a lot of muscle to turn. 'Cars have changed a lot,' he says. And then he launches into his real point: 'People selling us goods and services figure out they got to make them better every year.' The people who run government feel no similar obligation, especially in Washington where 'talk is the currency.' Romney says 'talk has no value – not in the real world,' and that he 'grew up in the real world.'
"This is the core message of Romney's campaign, and it is a credible one that accords with his background and interests. He's a businessman populist running as a Washington outsider, although without the nasty edge or fiery rhetoric of past populist anti-Washington candidates (think Gephardt circa 1988, Perot circa 1992, or Buchanan circa whenever). Romney is technocratic and non-threatening, giving the impression that he will slay the slouching beast of ineffective, wasteful government with flow-charts and unremitting politeness.
"It is impossible to be around Romney and not be impressed – by his obvious intelligence, by his fluid speaking style, by his accomplishments in business and government, by his appearance. The former venture capitalist and Massachusetts governor is a technically proficient candidate, a good fundraiser and organizer who makes a winning impression on the stump. And yet, one still wonders whether voters will buy him."
"Prior to his Derry meeting, Romney visits a small manufacturing firm in Manchester, Granite State Manufacturing. He gets a politician's typical speed tour, getting briefed on the company's products ranging from semi-conductors to the small robots the military uses against bomb threats. Then he is brought out onto the shop floor to deliver remarks to the couple of dozen gathered employees from behind a podium.
"Romney seems an incongruous presence, crisp and well pressed, in this industrial setting, with a concrete floor and buzzing lights overhead. He says that he was wondering about what united the company's different products, and his guide explained the company is good at 'things that are changing a lot.' That, of course, sets up Romney nicely, and he gives a kind of mini–business tutorial. It is possible to imagine him fitting in here, after all – as a business consultant. "He explains that if you're making the same product or delivering the same service over an extended period, 'you're in trouble.' To illustrate that improvement is always possible, he says when Hank Paulson left Goldman Sachs for the Treasury Department, everyone assumed the firm couldn't possibly be run any more effectively, but 'the new chief executive changed everything and now it's doing better.' Then – of course – he complains that government doesn't change enough, and tells the workers that, in the private sector, 'I learned to change things.' "Romney doesn't have a highly ideological message on the stump. He is running as a mild limited-government conservative. He says over and over again that to make America better 'you don't strengthen government, you strengthen the American people.' He plumps for lower taxes (he wants to cut taxes on saving and investment), advocates keeping federal spending below the level of inflation, and notes that he liked to veto bills in Massachusetts. None of this is hard to believe of Romney."
"At every stop, he lauds New Hampshire voters for the intensive nature of their primary, during which they take the time to learn 'about the character of those running.' He urges them to 'measure us for our character and heart and passion and values.'"
"At his town-hall meeting, he talks about the importance of marriage. 'Kids deserve a mom and a dad,' he says, and 'where we can, let's encourage marriage before children.' By way of illustrating the de-valuing of marriage, he tells of an aide going to Babies 'R' Us with his pregnant wife and getting asked by a salesperson, 'What's your girlfriend's name?' There are a few gasps in the audience.
"This might seem a tame volley in the culture wars, but few other major politicians talk about the culture of marriage at all, and Romney's upstanding personal life allows him to do it without embarrassment."
"On this day, he's campaigning with his oldest son Tagg and Tagg's daughter. Before introducing him at the Granite State Manufacturing event, Romney explains that he 'fell in love in high school,' and married his high-school sweetheart, Ann. Tagg was 'born on our anniversary, one year after we got married' – one of those perfect touches in what seems a perfect family life. He says that Tagg's daughter is taking the day off from school. But could a Romney ever play hooky? 'She's seeing how the political process works and then writing a paper on it for Monday.' She'll probably get an 'A.'
"Years ago, a pollster asked people which presidential candidate they would rather have baby-sit their child. Forget baby-sit – most people would probably be comfortable having Mitt Romney raise their children."
"He has a quick sense of humor to go along with his cheerfulness. When he mentions the Rambler, a few people clap, and he quips, 'A couple of guys had Ramblers – but they're not the ones clapping.' At Granite State Manufacturing, he manipulates a bomb-squad robot using a joystick on a table. He points it mock-menacingly toward a reporter: 'Let's see, I'll go for the AP today.' When an official at a charity he visits jokingly says to the assembled cameras that he himself is getting into the presidential race, Romney interjects from the sidelines, 'Not another one!'"
"On this trip, Romney is campaigning on the high of having outpaced the other Republican candidates by raising $23 million. The big number ensured he would stay in the first tier of candidates. As a Romney aide explains, with anticipated candidates Sens. George Allen and Bill Frist never getting in the race, the press put Romney in the top tier without his really having to earn it. Now, he's earned it."...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Romney Takes Part In New Online Initiatives

Press Release

Boston, MA - Romney for President today announced a major new feature of –"Five Brothers," the Romney campaign blog – and that Governor Mitt Romney is participating in two new online initiatives. These new online tools allow the American people to interact directly with Governor Romney and members of the Romney family. These innovative, new-media technologies all offer unprecedented opportunities for voters to share their views and ideas with Governor Romney while learning about his vision for meeting the new generation of challenges facing our nation.

The new interactive features include: "Five Brothers," the Romney campaign blog, The You Choose '08 Spotlight on YouTube, and Yahoo! Answers. "Five Brothers," The Romney Campaign Blog: Launched this morning by Governor Romney's five sons - Tagg, Ben, Josh, Craig and Matt - "Five Brothers" will feature the brothers' posts, video and photos from the campaign trail. Governor and Mrs. Romney will occasionally contribute as well. Supporters are encouraged to comment, share their thoughts and discuss the campaign. To view "Five Brothers" and watch Tagg Romney's video introduction, please visit:

You Choose '08 Spotlight On YouTube: Governor Romney is the first 2008 presidential candidate to participate in the You Choose '08 Spotlight in a completely unprecedented use of video on the web. Rarely do presidential candidates have the chance to communicate with such a large number of voters and directly solicit their ideas and input. Governor Romney is using his week in the spotlight to ask the YouTube community what they believe is the single greatest challenge facing America and what they would do about it. By the end of his spotlighted week, Governor Romney will record additional web videos with his thoughts on the numerous video responses that are already being submitted. To view Governor Romney's video and post your response, please visit:

Yahoo! Answers: In anticipation of Tax Day, Governor Romney has partnered with Yahoo! to ask the Yahoo! Answers community how they would change the tax code to ease the burden on families and promote growth and innovation. Governor Romney's question, coupled with a video on his tax philosophy, has been featured on the homepage of Yahoo!, the most visited web site on the Internet, and will receive thousands - if not tens of thousands - of answers. To answer Governor Romney's question and offer your opinion, please visit:

You Can Help Romney With "The Mormon Problem."

By Rev. Brian Eenigenburg
Holy Instant Christian Fellowship

Opinion polls tell us that when asked if they could vote for a Mormon for U.S. President, approximately 30% of Americans answer with a knee-jerk "no." Does anyone really believe this is a deeply honest answer? Or is it more likely a surface-level reaction rising out of some past history of misinformation and anti-Mormon, or even anti-Christian propaganda?

There are some people who are so trapped in their intellect they will not even admit a spiritual experience is possible, and some of those are dead set against voting for any candidate who is deeply religious. But such closed-minded ones are not common everyday down-to-earth people like your friends and relatives. So you personally can do something about any mistaken bias among those who are close to you.

Mainly, you can help your friends and relatives release any silly fear of Mormons that might have crept into their minds. You can do this with love, with loving patience, and using 3 approaches. The first two of these approaches I will write about today.

The primary silly fear in this context comes from the idea that somehow Mormons are different than you and me. So you want to remind your friends and relatives that we are all in this together, Mormons, non-Mormon Christians, even atheists ... we all, along with all our children and grandchildren, will live in misery if we surrender to the agendas of Marxists or Radical Islamists. Mormons, on the other hand, like other Christians and even like atheists and agnostics who are open to truth, can be shown bringing great good into the world.

Approach 1: Find some revered Mormon heros, and help your friends feel what it feels like to be an admirer of Mormons.

For example, ask them to use their imaginations and pretend they are back in time, pretend they are fans of the Chicago Cubs or Boston Celtics in the 1980s. How do they feel about Ryan Sandberg hitting home runs or Danny Ainge shooting 3-pointers to assure historical legacy for their teams? Or ask them to think of themselves as 1990s fans of the San Francisco 49ers. How does it feel to have Steve Young as quarterback leading your team to the Super Bowl?

Approach 2: Find some Mormons whose products or services have been enjoyed by millions, and help your friends feel like they or someone close to them have personally benefitted.

For example, ask your friends if they have ever bought a computer, or flown on an airline. Do they realize how much computer and air travel prices have been pushed down in the marketplace in recent years by the Mormon CEOs of Dell Computers or JetBlue Airways? Or you can ask them if they ever stayed at a Mormon-owned Marriott Hotel and enjoyed the impressive service and atmosphere.

It might take a little research to compile a list of bright Mormon stars in business and other fields, but your results will be well worth the effort. One helpful resource might be a book entitled The Mormon Way of Doing Business by critically acclaimed author and investigative journalist Jeff Benedict.

If you've done your homework and have some good examples to use in approaches 1 and 2, it will not be long before you've guided your friends to FEEL that Mormons have brought a world of good into their world.

The third approach is to show your friends and relatives that even Mormon beliefs are not to be feared. That could be the subject of another posting, wouldn't you say?

To be continued....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Romney On YouTube, Wants Your Input

"You Choose '08" on YouTube features a Spotlight on Mitt Romney.

This brand new video

asks for your input in an open forum.

On the Need for Leadership

Watch the entire speech tonight (4/12/07) on TV at 8pm EST. on
the C-SPAN Channel.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mitt Romney to Deliver the Commencement Address at Regent University

In the News

by Michelle Farmer

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.-- Regent University is pleased to announce that Mitt Romney will deliver the Regent University Commencement Address on Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.

Drawing upon his experience as the former governor of Massachusetts, chairman of the Republican Governors’ Conference, and president of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Romney will speak to graduates on “Leadership in Critical Times.”

As governor, Romney balanced the budget every year and earned critical acclaim for his statewide health-care initiative, which other states now seek to emulate.

Prior to his election as governor in 2002, Romney served as president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Inheriting a serious bribery scandal and indebtedness of $379 million, Romney cleaned up the bribery scandal and turned the deficit into a $100 million profit.

Before leading the 2002 Winter Olympics, Romney founded Bain Capital, a successful venture capital fund, which grew to $5.9 billion in assets under his leadership.

Governor Romney joins Al Gore, Bob Dole, Wesley Clark, Alan Dershowitz, Ehud Barak, Hanan Ashrawi, and others as recent principal speakers on the Regent University campus.During the Regent University Commencement Exercises, Romney will address nearly 900 graduates in front of the university library. Commencement is open to the public.

Regent University was founded in 1978 and was soon recognized as the nation’s premier Christian graduate university. Today, Regent has grown to encompass campuses in Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C., as well as having a strong presence online around the world. Students earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the fields of business, communication, divinity, education, government, law, leadership studies, and psychology and counseling.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Romney Rockets in New Hampshire Poll

In the News

NEWSMAX.COM--Latest New Hampshire telephone poll shows Romney's support nearly doubles to 25 percent to tie McCain; Giuliani trails at 19 percent.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has rocketed to the top of the field of contenders for the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary crown...


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Romney: "Watch My Campaign Grow"

In the News

BOSTON (AP) - When early polls showed him trailing Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, Mitt Romney urged all listeners to watch his presidential campaign blossom over the long election season.

On Monday, it burst into full glory after just three months.

The former Massachusetts governor, still relatively unknown across the country, bested not only McCain and Giuliani in first-quarter fundraising, but posted a staggering $23 million that rivaled the $26 million previously announced by Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Giuliani, the former New York mayor who has amassed a sizable lead in national popularity polls of GOP candidates, reported raising $15 million, while McCain, the Arizona senator, said he raised $12.5 million.

The results not only cemented Romney's status as a first-tier competitor, but they also threatened to further erode support from McCain's already-flagging campaign, and to dry up funding for other lagging candidates.

"For McCain, it looks like he's made campaign finance reform work," said David King, a professor at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. "Everyone knew he didn't like the role of money in politics, but one would have hoped he would have liked the role of money in his own campaign. He's now coming to this race a day late and $12 million short."

At the same time, Romney's finish was likely to lead to a reappraisal of his campaign, which was taking him to the leadoff primary state of New Hampshire on Tuesday, and the first caucus state of Iowa on Wednesday.

"People are having a positive reaction to him and are willing to open up a vein for him," said King.

Another GOP contender, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, a favorite of social conservatives, reported raising over $1.9 million, including a $575,000 transfer from his Senate campaign account. A fifth Republican candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, reported raising a little more than $500,000.

Romney worked assiduously to enhance his political stature with strong fundraising, scheduling over 20 events during the 31 days of March. Along the way, he tapped extensive contacts from his work as a venture capitalist, past chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association and longtime involvement in the Mormon church.

"The three major tools that you need to raise money for a presidential campaign are the experience of having been around the track, good name identification and good poll numbers," said Ron Kaufman, a former White House political director who is advising Romney. "McCain's got all three, Giuliani's got two of the three and Mitt Romney has none but he still succeeded."

Giuliani reported raising nearly $17 million since forming his presidential exploratory committee in November. He also had $11 million cash on hand as of Saturday, the end of the first quarter, according to his aides.

In a statement, Mike DuHaime, Giuliani's campaign manager, said the campaign was thrilled with the total, despite what he called a "late start" to fundraising. Yet the ex-mayor held his first major fundraiser in New York in December, while other top rivals didn't do so until January or later.

McCain's campaign released its fundraising totals while he was on a fact-finding mission in Iraq.

While the senator acknowledged he "hoped to do better," his campaign manager, Terry Nelson, said in a statement: "Fundraising in the first quarter is no more important than fundraising throughout the entire primary election campaign."

Romney's total included an unexpected asterisk: a $2.35 million loan from the candidate himself. In January, the Republican stunned the field by raising $6.5 million on a single day in which he invited his supporters to Boston and asked them to call their professional and social circles for donations.

At that time, the millionaire venture capitalist said "it would be akin to a nightmare" if he donated to his campaign, although he reserved that right. On Monday, a senior adviser said Romney ended up lending the funds as "seed money" for his campaign. The adviser said Romney had done so before making his "nightmare" comment.

The prior records for first-quarter fundraising were held by Republican Phil Gramm of Texas and Democrat Al Gore of Tennessee. Gramm raised $8.7 million in 1995, while Gore raised $8.9 million in 1999. Gramm dropped out race before New Hampshire's 1996 primary, while Gore went on to win the 2000 Democratic nomination.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Reagan Candidate

Romney to the Rescue
Mitt Romney's Got the Right Stuff for 2008

NewsMax Magazine has just released its April 2006 cover story. Please take a moment to read Ronald Kessler's exclusive story on the former Massachusetts governor.

The Reagan Candidate