Monday, April 23, 2007

It Takes A Fiscal Conservative To Change Washington

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By: Vin Weber
National Review Online

"Since President Reagan, the cornerstone of the conservative economic agenda has been lower taxes. Conservatives understand that the fundamental strength of America is found in the American people, not the government. Like Reagan, Governor Romney believes that the American people are strengthened when the burden of government is lowered and taxes are cut. More importantly, Governor Romney has a record of successfully putting this important principle to work."


"To ensure America's continued economic growth, Governor Romney has outlined the need for further tax cuts. As a first step to ensuring Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money, he will make the Bush tax cuts permanent. He will lower tax rates for all Americans, fight to abolish the death tax, allow middle-class Americans to save money tax-free, and make our corporate tax rates more competitive. This is a strong agenda of lower taxes and strengthening the American economy.

"The foundation of Governor Romney's lower taxes agenda is his pledge to fight proposed tax increases. He was the first 2008 presidential candidate to sign the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' committing himself to oppose any proposed tax increases."


"More than any other candidate, Governor Romney has outlined an aggressive agenda to cut the size of government while transforming it to meet this century?s challenges. The centerpiece of Governor Romney?s proposals to limit the size and scope of government is his pledge to veto any budget – Republican or Democrat – that does not cap non-defense discretionary spending at the rate of inflation minus one percent. This will save taxpayers $300 billion over ten years. Governor Romney will also seek line-item veto power and lead a review of each individual federal program to eliminate bureaucracy and waste.

"Throughout his career in the public and private sectors, Governor Romney has practiced the policies that many conservatives have advocated for years. More importantly, he has made them work. He has harnessed America's entrepreneurial spirit whether by transforming companies and lowering taxes as Governor of Massachusetts. He has cut the size of government and closed budget gaps without raising taxes or borrowing more money. Most importantly, he believes that the American people are the source of our greatest strength and that is the heart of conservative economic policy."

-Vin Weber, a former U.S. congressman from Minnesota, is policy chairman for Romney for President.

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