Thursday, April 26, 2007

Romney: I'll Change Washington

In the News

By: Jim Devine
New Hampshire Union Leader

"In a packed Bickford's Restaurant, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told voters last night he would use his business sense to 'take Washington apart' and make it run more effectively if elected President.

"An enthusiastic crowd listened to Romney's plans to expand the military by 100,000 troops with enlistment incentives and better spending to ensure America's defense while emphasizing the importance of fiscal responsibility in government to eliminate wasteful spending.

"'Things change and they either get better or you go out of business,' Romney said. 'In government things never seem to change, but it's never going out of business.'

"Romney warned that the greatest evil facing America now is the threat of 'nuclear jihadists.' He said the U.S., along with moderate Muslim governments, must put more pressure on Iran."


"The event, hosted by residents Jeff Hatch and Judy Galluzzo, was attended by more than 120 people seated closely together in the restaurant off Route 28.

"'It was really supposed to be a small gathering in my home,' Hatch said.

"The venue change was needed, however, as the expected crowd grew."


"'I think he's a good family man,' Leo Monfet, a Salem businessman, said. 'He's a responsible guy, I like him and I think he'd be good for the country.'"

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