Friday, April 13, 2007

You Can Help Romney With "The Mormon Problem."

By Rev. Brian Eenigenburg
Holy Instant Christian Fellowship

Opinion polls tell us that when asked if they could vote for a Mormon for U.S. President, approximately 30% of Americans answer with a knee-jerk "no." Does anyone really believe this is a deeply honest answer? Or is it more likely a surface-level reaction rising out of some past history of misinformation and anti-Mormon, or even anti-Christian propaganda?

There are some people who are so trapped in their intellect they will not even admit a spiritual experience is possible, and some of those are dead set against voting for any candidate who is deeply religious. But such closed-minded ones are not common everyday down-to-earth people like your friends and relatives. So you personally can do something about any mistaken bias among those who are close to you.

Mainly, you can help your friends and relatives release any silly fear of Mormons that might have crept into their minds. You can do this with love, with loving patience, and using 3 approaches. The first two of these approaches I will write about today.

The primary silly fear in this context comes from the idea that somehow Mormons are different than you and me. So you want to remind your friends and relatives that we are all in this together, Mormons, non-Mormon Christians, even atheists ... we all, along with all our children and grandchildren, will live in misery if we surrender to the agendas of Marxists or Radical Islamists. Mormons, on the other hand, like other Christians and even like atheists and agnostics who are open to truth, can be shown bringing great good into the world.

Approach 1: Find some revered Mormon heros, and help your friends feel what it feels like to be an admirer of Mormons.

For example, ask them to use their imaginations and pretend they are back in time, pretend they are fans of the Chicago Cubs or Boston Celtics in the 1980s. How do they feel about Ryan Sandberg hitting home runs or Danny Ainge shooting 3-pointers to assure historical legacy for their teams? Or ask them to think of themselves as 1990s fans of the San Francisco 49ers. How does it feel to have Steve Young as quarterback leading your team to the Super Bowl?

Approach 2: Find some Mormons whose products or services have been enjoyed by millions, and help your friends feel like they or someone close to them have personally benefitted.

For example, ask your friends if they have ever bought a computer, or flown on an airline. Do they realize how much computer and air travel prices have been pushed down in the marketplace in recent years by the Mormon CEOs of Dell Computers or JetBlue Airways? Or you can ask them if they ever stayed at a Mormon-owned Marriott Hotel and enjoyed the impressive service and atmosphere.

It might take a little research to compile a list of bright Mormon stars in business and other fields, but your results will be well worth the effort. One helpful resource might be a book entitled The Mormon Way of Doing Business by critically acclaimed author and investigative journalist Jeff Benedict.

If you've done your homework and have some good examples to use in approaches 1 and 2, it will not be long before you've guided your friends to FEEL that Mormons have brought a world of good into their world.

The third approach is to show your friends and relatives that even Mormon beliefs are not to be feared. That could be the subject of another posting, wouldn't you say?

To be continued....