Friday, May 18, 2007

No Place Like Home ~ Presidential Hopefuls Reveal What Reminds Them of Home


The Associated Press is asking the candidates a series of questions about their personal tastes, habits and backgrounds. Today’s question and their answers:

What item most reminds you of where you came from?


Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: “Rosary beads.”

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: “Olive burgers from the Pickwick in Chicago.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: “New England fall foliage.”

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: “Mills.”

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Compass.”

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: “Photograph in my office of the cliffs of Oahu’s South Shore, where my mother’s ashes are scattered.”

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: “Green chili.”


Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: “Wheat.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: “My grandfather’s pocketwatch.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: “Trains. My childhood home was only about 200 yards from the train tracks.”

California Rep. Duncan Hunter: “Letters and articles by my Dad written over the past 60 yrs.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain: “Enchiladas.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: “Family Bible that Dad and I used to take oath of office as governor.”

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: Picture of his mother.