Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Weekend ~ A Selection of Gov. Mitt Romney's Quotes on Veterans

Remembering all our American Veterans this weekend, with honor and gratitude.....

"It is time to acknowledge the extraordinary sacrifice of all of our veterans. While many Massachusetts soldiers served our nation in a period technically dubbed 'peacetime,' they restored American pride in the wake of Vietnam and helped bring a successful end to the Cold War. The service of these men and women was not without cost. There are countless stories of soldiers who served with great distinction only to be denied veteran status after returning home. Every man and woman who volunteered to serve this country should be treated with the same degree of respect, gratitude and dignity."
Governor Mitt Romney,
05-28-2004 Press Release

"The American servicemen and women of the Guard and Reserve leave their jobs, their spouses and their children to wear the uniform that defends our country. This selfless commitment should be honored by businesses across Massachusetts as we work to ensure they are treated fairly while they balance their employment responsibilities and obligations to the armed services. No business should ever put the bottom line ahead of America's front line."
Governor Mitt Romney,
09-23-2004 Press Release

"Today, on behalf of the entire Commonwealth, we remember Elia Fontecchio and offer a special thanks to every veteran from the Greater Milford area. In protecting the promise of individual freedom, they have created a better world for generations to come. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten."
Governor Mitt Romney,
11-30-2004 Press Release

""This cemetery is a tangible reminder of the country's appreciation for the sacrifices veterans have made in the cause of freedom"
Governor Mitt Romney,
06-07-2005 Press Release

"Our veterans know the meaning of
service better than anyone else and they aren't about to quit working when they come home. The best reward we can provide our vets for their service isn't a medal or a check; it's a livelihood and a means of supporting themselves and their families."
Governor Mitt Romney,
11-03-2005 Press Release

Press release promoting "Hire a Veteran" month
"I want to salute the Massachusetts employers who have hired or plan to hire veterans this year," said Romney. "As our troops return home, we remain mindful that the best way to honor their service is to help them to reenter the workforce."
Governor Mitt Romney,
06-15-2006 Press Release

"One of the highest duties of government is our obligation to take care of the men and women who defend this nation. This legislation follows through on that commitment by providing additional benefits to disabled veterans, as well as to the families of soldiers killed or missing in action."
Governor Mitt Romney,
08-14-2006 Press Release

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