Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Californians Supporting Romney Momentum with Donations

By: Benjamin Demers
Inland Valley (CA) Bulletin

"Hoping to continue his good fortune in California, Mitt Romney made a quick stop here Monday as part of a three-day trek through the state. "Romney has received $3.4 million from Golden State donors, the most raised in the state by any 2008 Republican presidential candidate, according to" ...

"He said his campaign is based on a 'three-legged stool,' in which the country has a strong military, strong economy and strong families. "'I believe that a coalition of conservative strength was what was responsible for Ronald Reagan's win when he ran for president,' Romney said. 'I believe it will power my campaign to the White House.'

"While he extolled several conservative principles and praised President Bush as a man of great character and courage, Romney said he wants to see better cooperation and collaboration among politicians in Washington, D.C., especially considering the many challenges the country faces.

"Those challenges, he said, include getting health care for all citizens, improving schools, taking care of the environment, being more competitive with Asia and winning the war on terror.

"'There are such high challenges in our country today,' Romney said. 'American people want to end politics as we know it in Washington.' "His words seemed to resonate with some at the luncheon. "'He has a lot of good ideas. He seems like he might be pretty good,' said Corbin Russell of Los Angeles." ...

"He's an ideas guy, and he's also a guy that can get things done,' said Russ Blewett of Hesperia.

"To address illegal immigration, Romney pushed a three-tiered plan that includes securing the border, having an employment verification system and not providing special privileges to people here illegally."...

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