Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Candidates Taking Aim at Romney

In the News

MANCHESTER, N.H. - One thing you learn quickly out here on the campaign trail: When they say Mitt Romney is too good to be true, they rarely mean it as a compliment.
When they say his hair is perfect, you can be sure they're not really talking about his perfect hair.

When short and balding (his description, not mine) Tom Tancredo says that Romney - tall, tan and square of jaw - looks like a candidate straight out of central casting, he means just that: that he looks like a candidate straight out of central casting.

Romney is suddenly very hot. John McCain looks like he's fading, at least for now, under the weight of Iraq and immigration. Rudy Giuliani looks like he's worried about playing in the early primary states. Fred Thompson, the new Republican flavor, has been labeled by candidate Mike Huckabee as the Mighty Mouse candidate. "You know," he says, "here I come to save the day." But Thompson remains unbloodied.

Romney, meanwhile, is running as the successful CEO Republican; in other words, the one who's not George Bush. The one who likes to talk more about trade with China than death in Iraq. But if he's hot, he's no hotter than the attention he's getting, most of which follows a familiar story line - similar to the one that closely followed another recent Massachusetts presidential candidate.

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