Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fortune Magazine Article on Mitt Romney

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The Republicans' Mr. Fix-it
Mitt Romney is filthy rich, he's handsome, and he's the first honest-to-god businessman to have a real shot at the White House in 40 years.

By Marcia Vickers, Fortune senior writer

(Fortune Magazine) -- Willard Mitt Romney looks great in a suit. Which is good for him, because all day "Matinee Mitt" has been wearing a crisp, gray number. Speeches, grip-and-grin events, a veterans hall - no venue-appropriate costume changes, just pure Brooks Brothers. Even now, when it's 85 degrees and he's surrounded by people in shorts, the man won't so much as loosen his tie.

It's Memorial Day, we're standing around waiting for a photo shoot to begin in front of his summerhouse on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee, and he's refusing his handlers' pleas to at least take his jacket off. "This is going to be like Nixon on the beach," a campaign worker mutters, referring to a 1960s photo of the late former President strolling the sands of sunny San Clemente, looking as though he'd rather be negotiating with the Soviets.

In between campaign stops in May, Romney spent 45 minutes chatting confidently .... about what he'd do to stage a government turnaround. The big priorities: less wasteful spending and more private-sector-style efficiency. Some highlights...

On the role of government

"I'm a big believer in allowing the free market to work and not allowing the government to lay a heavy hand on how businesses operate."

On taxes

"I want to get rid of all capital gains taxes for middle-income taxpayers. I also think it's fundamentally unfair that you get taxed when you've earned it, taxed when you save it, and taxed when you've died. So I'd get rid of the death [estate] tax, too, for middle-income Americans."

On his business background

"I think it would be helpful to have a leader who understands how the economy works - who knows how to solve problems and would bring a fresh outside view to actually transform Washington into an enterprise that can tackle tough problems and not simply engage in partisan bickering."

Little-known Mitt facts:
He's a cheapskate
Has been known to pop his own popcorn, which he then brings into movie theaters.
He was a high school cheerleader
Pep squad, Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
He has run afoul of the law
Arrested in high school for sliding down a hill on an ice block at a golf course.
He enjoys practical jokes
As a teenager, liked to dress up as a policeman and scare friends on dates in their cars.
He was once pronounced dead
At 21, after a car crash in France.

Romney survived, obviously.

....when I ask what he'd do first as President, he answers, "I will do a complete assessment of where we are, where the problems are, what challenges we face. Every dimension of government I would take apart - look at how effective they are."

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