Friday, June 15, 2007

Have You Met Mitt Romney? ~ "Gosh Darn, He's Likeable"

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by William Beaman

Gosh Darn, He's Likeable

"It was the day before I was headed to Des Moines to interview Mitt Romney when a friend called who covers the White House for another publication. 'Romney's catching fire in Iowa,' he said. 'Interesting time for you to be seeing him up there.'
"The fact is, I've become fascinated with Romney. This wouldn't be the first time I'd met him, or the second. Ok, it would be merely the third. But I figured after three sit-downs I'm justified in forming some opinions of the man. And so I have.
"Here's why I think Romney can survive the scrutiny. He's smart. He's articulate... But the most important thing he has going for him is that he's so likeable. Bear with me, because I know how superficial that sounds. It's actually a hugely important trait.
"Well, among the cast of characters running for president this go-round, no one is more darn wholesome than Mitt Romney. No one projects optimism in quite the same 'gosh, we can do it, folks' sort of way. In the Republican debates, he has been very polished, and pundits say he probably 'won' two of the three (whatever that really means). He's also been genial, despite some tough give-and-take.
"Prior to our interview last week, he joked with me as I fumbled around with audio equipment. 'Ok, time's up! Gotta go!' he laughed, when I finally got all the equipment working. For someone on the grueling campaign trail, he sure was chipper and having fun. And why not? It must be nice to be liked."