Monday, June 11, 2007

Mitt Romney's Key to the Presidency

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Mitt Romney's Key to the Presidency: Traditional Values

by Michael J. Gaynor

Of the viable presidential candidates, Governor Romney is the cream of the crop and therefore he should come out on top.

The secular extremist-dominated media obviously does not want former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, win the election and then appoint justices and judges who will respect the Constitution and follow the law instead of impose the secular extremist agenda under the guise of judicial construction. After all, Governor Romney, businessman and lawyer extraordinaire, is a religious man who rejected secular extremism and came to appreciate that the God-given right to life should not be rejected in favor of a civil "right" to abortion on demand. Governor Romney even mentions God in public and refuses to apologize for his faith, to which he is...faithful. Astute and affable as well as articulate and telegenic, he calls to mind another former governor who likewise came to regret his earlier support of abortion and confounded the secular extremist-dominated media by promoting traditional American values: the late President Ronald Reagan.
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