Monday, June 25, 2007

Mitt Romney's Strength

By: Doug Wilson

... "This surge of support for Romney comes as no surprise to those of us supporting the former Governor of Massachusetts. In fact, I predicted back in October that once voters got to know Romney they would like him very much. And so they do. The question now is, why? "I believe voters are attracted to Romney because of his three-part vision for America, one that seeks to build and maintain a strong national defense, a strong economy, and strong families. "Romney believes that peace comes through strength. In a recent Foreign Affairs article he called for adding 100,000 troops to our armed forces and for sizeable investments in military equipment, capabilities, and preparedness. To support these goals, Romney has said the next president should commit at least four percent of gross domestic product to national defense." ...

"Romney believes a strong economy depends on free people and free markets. He supports low tax rates, minimal government regulation, free trade, and policies that encourage savings and investment. In Massachusetts, Romney overcame a $3 billion budget deficit without raising taxes; instead, he reduced waste and greatly improved the efficiency of state government." ... "To renew or not to renew the Bush tax cuts will be one of the next president's most significant economic decisions. Romney has said he would renew the cuts when they expire in 2011, believing that failing to do so would 'result in a massive tax hike' that would 'hurt our economy, slow down job growth, and reduce the income levels of people across the country.'" ...

"Romney believes America's strength comes from its families. He understands that in order to have a strong national defense and a strong economy, a society must first have strong families. Family life teaches people about sacrifice, loyalty, and teamwork. It reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Naturally, this same ethos stitches together people of all races and religions to form the United States." ...

"If Romney's platform sounds familiar, it's because it is. The same 'three-legged stool' of policy positions has served America – and conservatism – well for over 25 years by uniting military, economic and social conservatives. On their own, each group lacks a comprehensive vision for America – or the clout to achieve political victory. Together they have propelled Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush into the White House. Now they stand ready to do the same for Mitt Romney."
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