Thursday, June 7, 2007

Team Romney In Iowa ~ "The Matrix"

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Romney Focused On Straw Poll

By: Chris Dorsey
Iowa Politics

"Despite Wednesday's announcements from two top Republican candidates that they would skip the Republican Party of Iowa's straw poll in Ames, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign says it still intends to work hard on the August event. "'Our plan all along has been to play in the Iowa straw poll, and that hasn't changed,' said Kevin Madden with the Romney campaign. 'Campaigns that have decided to abandon Ames are likely doing so out of a recognition that their organizations are outmatched and their message falls flat with Republican voters in Iowa.'"

"The state Republican Party issued a statement thanking Romney for staying the course in regards to the straw poll. "'Governor Mitt Romney clearly understands the importance of the Straw Poll and the role the event and its voters play in the political process,' the statement said. 'In light of today's news, we are glad to hear Romney is keeping his word to participate in the Straw Poll and that he has made the wise decision to stay in the race." View Entire Article

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