Friday, June 29, 2007

UltiMitt Launch

UltiMitt Press Release:

Web 2.0 Becomes Political Influence 2.0 with Launch of

LOS ANGELES, On July 2, 2007, the evolution of web-based political activism will take a giant leap forward with the official launch of UltiMitt seeks to magnify the influence of the average citizen by pooling resources into one central hub– a well-designed website that gathers numerous tools for effective activism in one place. “UltiMitt brings unorganized, yet enthusiastic supporters together and puts their individual talents to use,” says Phil Kenny, UltiMitt’s Chief Operating Officer and one of its founders. “A graphics designer alone may not be able to make as much impact as he would if he were connected with a web designer, marketing specialist, talented writers and policy researchers.”

UltMitt moves beyond the model of isolated individuals blogging in their basements. According to Anne Marie Curling, UltiMitt’s Marketing Director, the idea was hatched by “a group of successful attorneys and professionals that have attracted similarly driven people to their project. The idea is not just to send weak echoes across the Internet, but to have a wide broadcast presence that brings about action for the cause.”

Even before the group’s official launch, there is evidence that the approach is working. In the three weeks leading up to the July 2 launch date, the site has had thousands of visitors and signed up hundreds of users, each joining different teams and coalitions, and volunteering for specialized duties based on their ability and interest. Numerous teams like “Values Voters for Mitt” and “Women for Romney” have spontaneously formed, and users can sign up to receive several newsletters, focusing on different topics in the campaign. The result is not just a website, and not just a social network, but a broad aggregation of focused political activity accelerating into the race with the Internet as its engine.
"The UltiMitt team expects to continue to grow and build on its strength—the individual talents each new member brings to the organization. According to Mr. Kenny, new members “are immediately contacted and given direction on how they can help. In the months to come, we see UltiMitt as an organization of thousands of leaders all acting with a singular purpose and effort.”

For additional information regarding UltiMitt, contact Ryan Bell at, or visit the site Here.

UltiMitt is both a website and a political organization that supports the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president. It provides numerous resources to Romney supporters intended to focus their energy and increase their influence on the 2008 presidential election.
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