Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Virtual Town Hall Meeting With South Carolina Voters

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney held a town hall meeting with South Carolina voters Monday evening, even though the former Massachusetts governor was in California.

The trick? A new technology from the Washington-based company Tele Town Hall. The firm uses patented technology to allow a candidate to speak directly to thousands of voters at once. In this case, the Romney campaign provided the firm with more than 35,000 phone numbers of likely Republican primary voters.

Romney spokesman Terry Sullivan said the campaign did not screen the numbers to include only Romney supporters. Sullivan said that more than 8,500 South Carolinians were on the call over the course of an hour.

Romney spoke for a few minutes at the beginning, Sullivan said, and than took 10-15 questions from callers. The technology allows callers to press a button if they wish to ask a question and they get placed into a queue. The questions were not screened, Sullivan said.
The system is designed so callers’ phones are in a listen-only mode so everyone isn’t talking at the same time.

Sullivan said he believes it’s the first time this system has been used in South Carolina, although it’s been in use elsewhere since 2006.

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