Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What They're Really Saying About Governor Mitt Romney At The New Hampshire GOP Debate

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CNN Political Analyst Bill Schneider Said Romney Sounded Like A President.
CNN's BILL SCHNEIDER: "'I won't answer hypotheticals' - former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sounds like a president already when he responded to a question about what he would do if the current 'surge' strategy in Iraq was judged to be unsuccessful." ("Schneider: Romney Sounds Presidential," CNN Political Ticker, http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/, 6/5/07)

Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "Romney Continues To Perform Well." "Mitt Romney continues to perform well, this time deftly handling a question about voters' doubts about his Mormonism. He called it a 'fair question to ask' and highlighted the similarities he shares with Christians rather than the differences that exist. 'The values that I have are the same values you will find in faiths across this country,' Romney said." (Chris Cillizza, "Surprise, Romney Gets a Mormon Question," Washington Post Blog, http://www.blog.washingtonpost.com/, Posted 6/5/07)

- Cillizza: "Romney attacked both Washington -- 'where everything becomes a mess' -- and the Democratic party for promoting 'socialized medicine.' He used the health care question to highlight his resume as a doer during his gubernatorial term in Massachusetts; 'I'm the guy who actually tackled this issue,' he said." (Chris Cillizza, "Giuliani, Romney And Thompson On Health Care," The Washington Post, The Fix http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/, 6/5/07)

CBN's David Brody: "If Mitt Romney doesn't become President, he should seriously consider being CEO of debate school. He could teach every candidate a thing or two. He is so polished, a great speaker and doesn't come across as robotic." (David Brody, "The Brody File Reacts To The GOP Debate," CBN's The Brody File, http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews, 6/5/07)

- Brody: "His answers tonight on Iraq and immigration were very clear. He comes across as very knowledgeable. I thought it was the right move tonight to NOT attack John McCain on immigration. This way he comes across as the nice guy, not the attack dog." (David Brody, "The Brody File Reacts To The GOP Debate," CBN's The Brody File, http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews, 6/5/07)

- Brody: "Romney had been criticized before the debate because McCain said he didn't have a plan on immigration but Romney said very clearly that he does: enforce the current law. That answer was a crowd pleaser." (David Brody, "The Brody File Reacts To The GOP Debate," CBN's The Brody File, http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews, 6/5/07)

National Review Online's Andy McCarthy: "Romney: enforce the law as it exists... That hits the sweet spot." (Andy McCarthy, "Romney: enforce the law as it exists," http://corner.nationalreview.com/, 6/5/07)

Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Romney Knocked The Mormon Question Out Of The Park." "Wolf sorta gave it to him open-ended, but Romney knocked the Mormon question out of the park. He opens by drawing the JFK comparison, which makes the whole proposition seem less exotic, and closes by reminding those unnamed 'pundits' that he won't distance himself from his church to help him politically, which guilts those for even raising the question." (Jonathan Martin, The Politico Blog, http://www.politico.com/, Posted 6/5/07)

The New Republic's Michael Crowley: "[Governor Romney] is a razor-sharp speaker. The answer about his Mormonism was a perfect 10. The man is a human PowerPoint presentation - it's almost scary." (Michael Crowley, "Mitt," http://www.tnr.com/blog/theplank, 6/5/07)

ConservativeBlogger.com's William Smith: "Romney is really solid tonight... he's saying the right things." (William Smith, "DEBATE: Live-Blog Of GOP Debate," http://conservativeblogger.com/, 6/5/07)

Heading Right's Macranger: "Romney handled it 'Presidential...'" (Macranger, "Romney vs. McCain," Heading Right Blog, http://headingright.com/, 6/5/07)

- Macranger: "Romney hits it out of the park! Immigration - ENFORCE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS! Exactly!" (Macranger, "Romney Hits It Out Of The Park," Heading Right, http://headingright.com/, 6/5/07)

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