Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ames Straw Poll

Ames Straw Poll-August 11th

by Rev. Brian G. Eenigenburg

Last night I watched Romney on CSPAN as he spoke to a crowd at a Republican gathering in one of Iowa's counties. When he started his speech, everyone in the crowd looked skeptical. Everyone was very quiet, faces were tight, body language indicated closed up defensive positions.

By the end of his speech, practically everyone was opened up, nodding their heads in agreement, smiling.

At the end of his answers to questions, people were swarming to meet him or get his autograph, and promising him they would be at Ames to support him.

It seems when people see Mitt in action and FEEL firsthand who he really is, as opposed to fearing from afar his Mormonism or the state he lives in, they really join with him.

This was his 38th such county meeting out of 99 counties, but I imagine he is hitting the biggest ones.

Full endeavor in Iowa is gruelling. But it tells the world Mitt would give full endeavor as Republican nominee and as President. A message we can help spread.

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