Monday, July 16, 2007

Hugh Hewitt:The Significance Of Romney's "Ocean"

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by: Hugh Hewitt

Politico's Jonathan Martin reports on Mitt Romney's newest campaign commercial, "Ocean." The new ad comes amid many reports of how much money Romney and all the other campaigns are spending. The breathlessness of the reporting doesn't allow the key questions to be asked: "What are the candidates getting for their dollars?" and "Is the campaign hitting its targets in contributions and expenditures?" In Romney's case we know he's patiently built a small lead in Iowa and New Hampshire, and from "Ocean" we get evidence that he's implementing a new step in a carefully conceived plan and doing so with the sort of innovative appeal that those who have observed his business life expected from the first day of the campaign.

"Ocean" is interesting on a number of levels. First, its substance --a concern for the degraded culture in which American children grow up-- is powerful, and not just for Republican primary voters, but for all parents and people who love kids. Second, its visual approach is unique for the cycle. Over the decades the presidential television spot has become more and more direct, and less and less interesting.

"Ocean's" got a chance at being memorable in the way very very few ads turn out to be. Finally, the ad reminds people that among Romney's achievements is a wonderful family, and that he truly does believe the words he speaks.

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