Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Man of Character

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Letter To The Editor: Man Of Character

By: Ashton E. Welch, Concord
Concord Monitor

"Every four years as we prepare to elect, or reelect, our president, we are struck with the thought that this election is perhaps the most important in our history. That's not likely the case in every election, but that thought is not lost on the upcoming presidential primary and general elections in 2008.

"In this post 9/11 era, where words such as 'homeland security,' 'terrorism,' and 'suicide bombings' have become commonplace, our next president will face a world very different than most presidents of recent history. Because I believe our next president needs to be a person of solid character, a person who can and will lead and inspire us; a person who will stand on the world stage and reestablish our country as a respected, strong and worthy world leader; a person who will help us find more common ground in our shared purpose than in our differences - for all these reasons and more I am supporting Mitt Romney."

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