Friday, July 20, 2007

Mitt Romney Visits With South Carolinans

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'Yankee Governor With Southern Values' Backs Military And Attacks 'Hillarycare'

Spartanburg Herald-Journal

"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made a stop at Spartanburg's Beacon Drive-In shortly after noon Thursday, summarizing his presidential platform, taking friendly (and a few not-so-friendly) questions from the audience, and attacking three Democratic presidential hopefuls.

"About 250 people – including the media and campaign staff – crammed into the Beacon's Panther Room for Romney's sixth visit to Spartanburg since early 2005. June Bond, a local GOP activist and a county organizer for the Romney camp, welcomed the candidate and his wife, Ann, as a 'family of faith.'

"Ann Romney introduced the presidential contender by using what's becoming a catch phrase on the current leg of her husband's tour: 'He's a Yankee governor with Southern values,' she said with a trademark smile that got plenty of laughs.

"The equally charismatic Mitt Romney summed up most of his platform in the first 10 minutes, noting that he opposes socialized medicine (which he called 'HillaryCare'), raising taxes on corporations or individuals, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. He attacked John Edwards, who has called the war on terror a 'Bush bumper sticker,' saying other countries would disagree with that assessment.

"'There is a war being waged by the terrorists. And as long as we have a Republican president, we're going to have a war on terrorists,' he said."

"'After the tragedy of 9/11, we woke up to new threats,' Romney said. 'America is going to change. The question is, in what direction are we going to change? Republicans, like myself, look to the Founding Fathers ... they said, it's the people who were sovereign, and the government was the servant.'

"The rhetoric sat well with the party faithful, who clapped and cheered at regular intervals. Romney signs, stickers and DVDs were available at the entrance to the Panther Room.

"Romney talked a bit about the need to remove pornography from the Internet and then criticized Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, whom Romney said wants sex education taught in kindergarten." ...

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