Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Proven Track Record

Letter To The Editor

Romney Has Proven Track Record In Government

By: Jack and Alice Levanion
St. Augustine

"Editor: We would like the people in St. Augustine and St. Johns City to know Mitt Romney and to be aware of his accomplishments as governor of Massachusetts." ...

"Without raising taxes or increasing debt, he closed a nearly $3 billion budget deficit his first year in office." ...

"He also provided every citizen with affordable health insurance without raising taxes or creating a massive government-controlled system. "He fought activist judges who imposed same-sex marriage on Massachusetts and testified before Congress in support of the federal marriage amendment. And, as governor, Romney has always sided with life in the fight to protect the unborn."

"He represents strong, new leadership. He will transform our nation's capital, governing with conservative principals and innovation, calling upon the strength of the American people to lead a promising, prosperous future."

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