Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Romney Agenda

Governor Romney: We Must Continue To Wage War On The Terrorists

Governor Romney Says America Must Work On All Fronts To Defeat The Jihadists.

"In places like Pakistan, America needs to work not just on a military front, he said. Romney proposed putting together a 'Special Partnership Force', a team of CIA agents and Army special forces to work with the local populations. 'Not just to provide guns but to help make sure that they have the rule of law, water projects, bridges built.'" (Susan Spencer-Wendel, "Romney Says Working With Moderate Muslim States Will Help In Mideast," Palm Beach Post, 7/7/07)
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Governor Romney "Top Choice" Among Voters Identifying Terrorism As An Extremely Important Issue To Them.

"Forty percent of likely Republican caucusgoers identified terrorism as extremely important in the Register's May Iowa Poll. No other issue ranked more important to Republicans. Romney was the top choice in the poll, receiving support from 30 percent of likely GOP caucusgoers, followed by McCain with 18 percent and Giuliani with 17 percent." (Thomas Beaumont, "Perception Is The Key In Dealing With Terror," The Des Moines Register, 7/8/07)
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Governor Romney: "Senator Edwards says there isn't a War on Terror – it's only a slogan. You tell that to the people of London and Glasgow. And to the people in Bali and Malaysia, Pakistan and Lebanon, the people in Tanzania and Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Tell that to the people in New York and Boston and Washington, D.C. One thing you can count on if I'm President or any Republican is President, and that is if there's a war being waged by the terrorists, there will be war being waged on the terrorists." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The 2007 Young Republican National Convention, Hollywood, FL, 7/7/07)
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