Sunday, July 29, 2007

Romney in Florida

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Romney appeals to Hispanics

Associated Press Writer

MIAMI - Free trade is key to ending Latin American poverty, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Saturday while courting support from the Cuban-American and growing Venezuelan-American communities.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, noted that the Bush administration had sought free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Peru, but the Democratic-controlled Congress failed to approve them.

Romney, however, stopped short of endorsing a proposal by Isilio Arriaga, a member of his own National Hispanic Steering Committee, to lower subsidies on U.S. ethanol. Such a move could help boost Brazil‘s production of sugar cane-based ethanol and reduce its competition.

Romney said the United States, as it seeks to become more self-reliant, must look at a variety of options for producing energy from sources such as ethanol, liquid coal, solar and wind.

Romney said Chavez‘s push to nationalize some Venezuelan industries has cooled international interest in Latin American investment, and the U.S. must show its commitment to the region.

Romney also spoke to veterans of the ill-fated 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion at their small museum in Miami‘s Little Havana neighborhood and promised to seek out their intelligence expertise on Cuba if elected president.

"Everyone talks about family values, but Romney has demonstrated them with his five sons and his long marriage," said Adam Roig, 51, who works in medical technology.

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