Friday, July 20, 2007

Romney Addresses Colorado Springs Republicans

Romney: Dems Shrink From Terror

By: Chris Barge
Rocky Mountain News

"Mitt Romney told about 750 El Paso County Republicans on Wednesday that all three Democratic presidential front-runners do not understand terrorism and hold European, socialist, tax-and-spend views.

"Appearing polished and poised in a dark suit and blue tie, the former Massachusetts governor got all the laughs he looked for and stirred the crowd to feverish applause as he delivered his 32-minute keynote speech at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the elegant Broadmoor Hotel."


"Fundamentally, he said, Democrats think in terms of the strength of the United States government, while Republicans rely more on the strength of individuals.

"He took the Democrats to task for their European 'form of socialism' views, and he even worked in a jab at Al Gore as he dismissed the party as a whole.

"'There is an inconvenient truth that they don't want you to hear, and that is, no matter which one of them you elect, they're going to raise your taxes,' he said."


"By ending his day at two events in Colorado Springs, Romney, who is Mormon, reinforced his Reagan-esque, 'big tent' message to Republicans living in a hotbed for evangelical Christian beliefs.

"He emphasized his support for a federal ban on gay marriage. And he said his belief in family values would drive him, if elected, to push for a 'one strike and you're ours' policy toward Internet sex predators, giving offenders harsh prison sentences followed by a life of monitoring with ankle bracelets."

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