Friday, August 24, 2007

Josh Romney Campaigning in Arizona

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By: Paul Giblin
East Valley Tribune

"Unlike the elder Romney's two previous national fundraising efforts that targeted high-rollers, the next one is geared exclusively for low-rollers."

'This is more of a grassroots effort to get as many people as possible excited and involved in the campaign,' Josh Romney said Wednesday. 'It's a way to for people who wouldn't normally be able to participate, because a lot of the events are really expensive, to become involved and participate.'

"The goal of the initiative, which is called 'Rally for Romney,' is to recruit community captains, who will try to raise $1,000 each, a few dollars at a time, by Sept. 25, when rallies will be held in more than 40 cities in 20 states.

"Until then, the national campaign will stage Web-based events featuring the former governor of Massachusetts in support of the drive, said Romney, 32, a Salt Lake City real estate developer who joined his father's campaign full time in mid-June." ...

"'We've done great in Arizona. We've got some great people supporting us here,' said Josh Romney, the third of five sons in the Romney family." ...

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