Thursday, August 2, 2007

Romney Campaign - "Going the Distance"

Romney boys in Iowa

"If you build it, they will come."
(Field of Dreams)

If I do my job well, I can make a difference

in people's lives

and I can help our children

realize their dreams.

~Governor Mitt Romney

American values are at the heart of America's historic rise to world leadership. These include, among others, respect for hard work, sacrifice, civility, love of family, respect for life, education and love of freedom. To remain a superpower in the world we must continuously and vigorously reaffirm these key components that have led to America's greatness as a country.

"America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home." - Governor Romney, UPI, February 26, 2005

"What is the culture of this country, what are our underpinnings? We respect hard work ... We are self reliant, we respect human life, we are a religious people... We are a purpose-driven people founded on the family unit. I think every child deserves to have a mother and a father." - Governor Romney, Union Leader, March 19, 2006

"What is it about America's culture and values that makes us such a successful nation and society? Part of that is we love liberty, we love our country, we're patriotic," Romney said. "I believe it's also because we are a people who love God and look for a purpose greater than ourselves in life." - Governor Romney, Boston Globe, May 18, 2006