Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Romney: Join the Surge of Support for our Troops

"We don't just need a surge on the ground in Iraq – we need a surge of support for our troops as well. Democrats say they support the troops, but many don't support the work they are doing to make the surge successful. Representative Clyburn, the third-highest ranking House Democrat, said it would be a 'real big problem' for Democrats if progress is made in Iraq. That's not a problem but good news for all Americans." – Gov. Mitt Romney

When I was recently in Colorado Springs, I spoke with a man whose son is serving in Iraq. He said the criticism at home of the war effort was demoralizing. He made the point that as our fighting men and women are defending our liberties overseas, we as Americans need to stand by them.

Afterwards, my nephew suggested there should be a "surge of support" to go along with the troop surge. I told him that I couldn't agree more.

Join the Surge of Support for our troops. Visit one or more these organizations and send your support to our military men and women who are making such tremendous sacrifices for the safety of all Americans.

Check out these organizations and support our troops!

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