Sunday, August 12, 2007

Romney Wins Iowa Straw Poll

Governor Mitt Romney Wins The Iowa Republican Straw Poll

Ames, IA - Today, Governor Mitt Romney overwhelmingly won the Iowa Republican Straw Poll. With eleven names appearing on the conservative Straw Poll ballot, Governor Romney won with 31.5% percent (4,516 votes).

With the announcement of today's results, Governor Romney issued the following statement:

"Today, the people of Iowa took the first step towards bringing change to Washington. This important victory sends a signal to grassroots Republican activists across the country that we are working hard to earn their support, and that we are ready to begin the work of strengthening our economy, our military and our families."


About Governor Romney At The Iowa Republican Straw Poll:

- Total Number Of Votes: 4,516 - Percentage Of Vote: 31.5%

- Margin Of Victory: 13.4%

- Comparison To 1999 Results: 31.3% Bush Victory (10.5% Margin Of Victory)

- Comparison To 1995 Results: 24.36% Dole And Gramm Tied Victory


About Governor Romney's Efforts In Iowa Since January 3, 2007:

- Number Of Iowa "Ask Mitt Anythings": 53

- Number Of Trips: 17

- Number Of Events: 310

- Number Of Days In State: 43

- Number Of Miles Traveled In State: 4,211.5

- Number Of Miles Traveled In The Mitt Mobile In Iowa: 4,684

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