Friday, August 24, 2007

"September Dawn" (Subtitle: Unsubtle Sabotage)


by Rev. Brian Eenigenburg

The movie "September Dawn" was created to ignite and fan fires of hatred against the LDS or Mormon church, and of course by extension against the Presidential candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, LDS church - a Mormon.

"September Dawn" masquerades as a love story but was written and produced to stir judgmentalism, hatred and revenge. The film pretends to expose covered-up facts about an actual historical massacre carried out by Mormons. But it only presents one viewpoint, the version dreamed up by the vengeful and hateful who insist on never forgiving. The movie is an attempt to "get even" by wiping out Mitt Romney's chances of being President of the United States.

But let's look at who is being massacred? Mitt Romney is highly spiritual, as clean and reverent as the best of Christian ministers in every way, and more qualified than any other candidate on the scene to be President of the United States ... true or false? Since Romney cannot be attacked personally other than to label him "too good," or "too perfect," the haters have no choice but to paint his religion as evil ... true or false? Mitt Romney's Rally America!

Who is behind this film's vicious attempt to annihilate Romney's chances? Please don't dismiss it with a wave of the hand and a statement like, "It's just politics! It's something you'd expect from Hillary Clinton." Behind this film is a dark level of consciousness which Hillary, tough as she is, could never bring herself to.

All Christians and well-meaning people everywhere who don't like the feeling of hatred and who like the feeling of standing for what is right should join with Governor Romney and say "No!" to the intent of Christopher Cain (this film's writer, director, and producer) ... and "No!" to the enormous hate and vengeance being fostered by left-wing politics.

"Well, it's okay to paint Mormons as beasts!" No, it's not okay. Because if you allow it, your non-Mormon religious leaders will be next. Or any righteous men and women who feel a calling to work for good in politics will be next. Or, maybe, you personally will be next.

"September Dawn" is more than propaganda. It is poisonous propaganda disguised as so-called "innocent" historical question asking.

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