Sunday, August 5, 2007

UltiMitt Teams - Supporting Governor Mitt Romney

Local Teams are now being formed at From Maine to Alaska, from Montana to Texas, you will find a team for your area. The single goal of UltiMitt is to help Governor Mitt Romney be elected President in 2008.

Join and make a difference!

"UltiMitt brings unorganized, yet enthusiastic supporters together and puts their individual talents to use. A writer alone may not be able to make as much impact as she would if she were connected with a web designer, marketing specialist, policy researchers, and public relations professionals." ~ Phil Kenny, CEO, UltiMitt

"The UltiMitt organization is unique in that it brings together people from all vocations and walks of life. We have a virtual cornocopia of talent, and everyone who joins our ranks is willing and able to donate a wealth of brilliance and expertise. If you believe in the cause, there will be a place and need for you." ~Steve Gustavson, President, UltiMitt

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