Friday, September 21, 2007

Romney Campaigns on Security, Taxes, Economy

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Palm Beach Post

"Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney talked up tax cuts and patriotism and talked down Iran and his Democratic rivals Wednesday to a damp but enthusiastic crowd of some 2,000.
"'We're under attack from jihadists. People who want to cause the collapse of all modern nations, including moderate Islamic nations, and particularly, our own nation,' Romney said, warning that Democrats would not be up to the challenge.
"He also said the nation faces economic competition unlike it has seen before. 'We've always been competing with Europe. We know how to compete with Europe - they're like us, they like short work weeks, they want long vacations - we can compete with that. But we're going to be competing now with Asia, with China and India and Vietnam - a lot of people, hard-working people, it's going to be tougher.'
"On-and-off rain did not appear to discourage the festivities in the Disney-like retirement community south of Ocala, which - thanks in part to Romney's opening act, country music star Lee Greenwood - turned out a crowd twice the size of the one that came out last week to see actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. Thompson's campaign did not provide a concert before his speech.
"'He's showing a lot of conservatism,' said Rod Chambers, 71. 'I think he's got a lot of good things to say.'
"Romney did plug his plan to do away with taxes on savings and investment accounts for Americans with incomes less than $200,000. He also attacked leading Democratic candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by name.
"'I heard Sen. Clinton say the other day she'd represent change, and she would. I don't like the direction that she'd want to go,' he said, and then criticized Obama for wanting to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq.
"'Thank heavens Barack Obama wasn't president. We'd have been out of there and Al-Qaeda would have been dancing in the streets.'" ...
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