Friday, October 12, 2007

Evangelicals Turning Point?

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Why Evangelicals May Turn to Romney


The continuing search by evangelical leaders for a Republican presidential candidate they can believe in took an intriguing turn this week when a handful of evangelical notables started to lean more publicly — and more urgently — in the direction of former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.

The latest move came on Thursday when Mark DeMoss, a well-known publicist for a variety of religious or conservative groups and causes, sent a five-page letter to friends and colleagues explaining that he had decided to back Romney, a Mormon.

"As a Southern Baptist evangelical and political conservative, I am convinced I have more in common with most Mormons than I do with a liberal Southern Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic or a liberal from any other denomination or faith group. The question shouldn't be, 'Could I vote for a Mormon?' but, 'Could I vote for this Mormon?' After all, Mitt told me there are Mormons he couldn't vote for (I presume Harry Reid, for example); and there are Southern Baptists I couldn't vote for (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, to name a few)."
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