Monday, October 22, 2007

Reactions from Romney's Values Voters Speech

What They're Saying About Gov. Romney At The
Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit

In The Headlines:

The Hill: "Romney Scores With Religious Right." (Sam Youngman, "Romney Scores With Religious Right," The Hill, 10/19/07) Redstate: "Mitt Romney Impresses." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

ABC: "Romney Wins Conservative Straw Poll." (Karen Travers, "Romney Wins Conservative Straw Poll," ABC News, 10/20/07) CNN: "Romney Wins In Conservative Voters Poll." (Jamie Crawford, "Romney Wins In Conservative Voters Poll," CNN, 10/20/07) The New York Times: "It's Romney For The Values Voters." (Michael Luo, "It's Romney For The Values Voters," The New York Times' "The Caucus,", 10/20/07)

The Politico: "Romney Wins The 'Values Voter' Straw Poll." (Mike Allen, "Romney Wins The 'Values Voter' Straw Poll," The Politico, 10/20/07)

Governor Romney Receives "A Bigger Reception Than Any Of The Other Candidates":

Redstate's Erick Erickson: "Mitt comes in to a grand anthem. The room goes nuts – a bigger reception than any of the other candidates. He begins pitch perfect." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses, Redstate,, 10/19/07)

- Erickson: "This guy sounds like he's already the nominee. It's like the other candidates were here to sell themselves and Romney has taken the difference approach – presume he's already been sold to them and show them what they've gotten. It's not a bad approach for him. It works." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

- Erickson: "He goes on to say we know where to begin, we know what to do, and 'I can wait for us to do it together.' The crowd gives him a big standing ovation." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Romney also won a series of ovations as he outlined his plans for strengthening families, opposing abortion, and supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage." (Michael Kranish, "Romney Addresses Summit Of Evangelicals," The Boston Globe's "Political Intelligence," 10/19/07)

The Hill's Sam Youngman: "...Romney was well received by the socially conservative Evangelical crowd." (Sam Youngman, "Romney Scores With Religious Right," The Hill, 10/19/07)

National Review's Byron York: "After Romney's speech, a journalist sitting nearby said that it was all very professional. And indeed it was; Romney had a bunch of issues to touch, checked them all, and said goodnight. Very professionally done." (Byron York, "Romney And The Values Voters," National Review Online's "The Corner,", 10/19/07)

The American Spectator's Philip Klein: "Mitt Romney gave a solid performance, and I think one thing that helped was that much of the speech focused on family..." (Philip Klein, "Romney At The Value Voters Summit," The American Spectator Blog,, 10/20/07)

Race 4 2008's Justin Hart: "Mitt's performance at the FRC Conference was phenomenal. The crowd was jazzed. The speech was spot on and the aftermath is very positive." (Justin Hart, "Mitt Is A Hitt," Race 4 2008,, 10/19/07)

CBN's David Brody: "And I think this week, we will look back on this week, if Mitt Romney goes on and wins the nomination and if you see other evangelical leaders in the future, come November, December, or even into January, start to endorse Mitt Romney, you'll look back to this week as a very key week for the Romney campaign." (C-SPAN's "Washington Journal," 10/20/07)

- National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez: "Romney Catches A Big Pro-Life Fish." "I just got my hands on an advance press release from the Romney camp that will be hitting the Value Voters in the morning (and political reporters' inboxes any time now): Jack Willke, longtime pro-life activist and one of the founders of the National Right to Life Committee, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Also notable about Willke? He's former a Brownback supporter. ... Not a bad close to Romney's Friday night in Washington." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "Romney Catches A Big Pro-Life Fish,"National Review Online's "The Corner,", 10/19/07)

Praise For Governor Romney's 12-Point Conservative Plan To Strengthen American Families: Redstate's Erick Erickson: "Now he's on marriage and the crowd goes nuts when he promises a constitutional amendment to protect marriage as that between a man and woman." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

- Erickson: "Now he says we need a federal tax credit for parents who home school their kids. The folks here love that." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

Youngman: "Romney scored points during his evening address, saying as president he would 'champion' a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage, something former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.) and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) did not commit to earlier in the day." (Sam Youngman, "Romney Scores With Religious Right," The Hill, 10/19/07)

The Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow And Stephen Dinan: "Mr. Romney has won a string of endorsements from major social conservative and pro-life leaders, and delivered a well-received speech here Friday night laying out his commitment to the movement's issues – particularly on stopping abortion and preventing homosexual 'marriage.'" (Ralph Z. Hallow And Stephen Dinan, "Values Voters Back Mike, Mitt," The Washington Times, 10/21/07)

Governor Romney Brings "Crowd To A Roar" Calling On Republicans To Act Like Republicans: Redstate's Erick Erickson: "'We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton by acting like Hillary Clinton,' he says and brings the crowd to a roar again." (Erick Erickson, "Mitt Romney Impresses," Redstate,, 10/19/07)

The Associated Press' Liz Sidoti: "Drawing whistles and applause, Mitt Romney said: 'We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton by acting like Hillary Clinton.'" (Liz Sidoti, "GOP Candidates Seek To Be Choice For Social Conservatives," The Associated Press, 10/19/07)

Governor Romney Wins Straw Poll: CNN's Bill Schneider: "I call it a significant step for Mitt Romney..." (CNN's "Newsroom," 10/20/07)

Fox News' Carl Cameron: "At the Values Voter Summit, there was something of a surprise. They conducted a straw poll at the end of it, and Mitt Romney ended up being the winner." (Fox News' "Fox News Live Weekend," 10/20/07)

Fox News' Laurie Dhue: "In the fight for votes from conservatives, Mitt Romney scored a win today. The republican presidential candidate won a straw poll based on values." (Fox News' "Fox Report Weekend," 10/20/07)

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: "Romney's victory is the latest in a string of positive developments for his campaign's ever-so-careful outreach to evangelicals. He was endorsed by three major evangelical figures this week, two of them hailing from South Carolina. If these indications are a leading edge, his support among evangelicals in South Carolina and Iowa and maybe elsewhere may shoot up." (Marc Ambinder, "Romney, Huckabee Top Values Voters Straw Poll," The Atlantic,, 10/20/07)

Reuters' Ed Stoddard: "Romney appears to have been making inroads among religious conservatives..." (Ed Stoddard, "Giuliani Woos Religious Right But Loses Poll," Reuters, 10/20/07) Real Clear Politics' Reid Wilson: "Still, Romney's campaign has something to brag about." (Reid Wilson, "Huckabee, Romney Chalk Up Wins," Real Clear Politics, 10/20/07)

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