Monday, October 22, 2007

Romney: America Must Be Strong

"America Must Be Strong"

Governor Mitt Romney Fox News' Republican Presidential Candidate Debate October 21, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney:

"We've spoken about Russia. We've spoken about what's happening in Turkey and obviously Iraq. As you look around the world, you recognize that it's still a dangerous place. During the Clinton years, the President said that we're going to take a peace dividend.

We got the dividend, we didn't get the peace. He reduced the scale of our military dramatically, took 500,000 troops out, cut back our Navy by 80 ships, knocked our Air Force down 25 percent. Our aircraft fleet today is 28 years old. The UN is failing in its mission to protect the world and to prevent genocide.
"The strategy for America's safety is not to live in what Charles Krauthammer called a holiday from history, but to realize America must be strong. We need a strong military to protect us with more troops, more equipment and better care when our troops come home. We also need a strong economy so we can have a strong military and we need strong families and values to teach our kids to build a strong economy and a strong military."

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