Saturday, October 6, 2007

Romney Getting Out The Message

In the News:

Romney Meets With Grass-roots Advocates

By: Ryan Slight
Springfield News Leader

"Michael Spalla had debated whether to support Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
"However, the Springfield man said he would likely back the former Massachusetts governor after hearing the politician deliver a private address Monday at the University Plaza Hotel.
"During the speech to about 100 'grass-roots advocates,' Spalla said Romney noted the righteous in how it fought wars.
"For Spalla, who is an Army chaplain, Romney's message about American values resonated.
"'I feel he's a great father, a great businessman, and he's been a very successful governor. He's going to be a great man for the presidency,' Spalla said."
"During a brief press conference, Romney said the country needs a leader who can bring change, and change must start with the Republican Party.
"'People expect Republicans to go to Washington and rein in spending. Unfortunately, while we were in charge, we added to earmarks and we added to spending. We became, in some people's eyes, big government Republicans,' Romney said.
"'This party, if it stands for anything, stands for fiscal conservatism and strength in our financial dealings. That means reining in the spending, reining in the taxes, and keeping the burden on the American people low,' he said.
"Romney proposed a program to help each American get health insurance without new government spending."
"Romney said he wanted the Republican Party to reflect principles of strength in regard to the military, economy and families." ...