Monday, November 5, 2007

Project 44

Donate $44 to help elect our 44th President!

Mitt Romney for President


"Over the years, I have watched a number of people live out their lives in shallow water. In the shallows, life is all about yourself -- your job, your money, your rights, your needs, your ideas, your comforts. In the deeper waters, life is about others -- spouse, family, friends, faith, community, country. In the deep waters, there are challenging ideas, opposing opinions, protracted battles of consequence. . . Some of you will be tempted to stay near shore, where there are no big breakers and where you will never make any waves. Others will push beyond the sandbar, pursuing new frontiers, exploring new ideas, driving to achieve, to learn, to influence, to contribute. . . You cross into the deep waters by serving in your church, in your community, in the military, in government or in volunteer service."
~ Mitt Romney, Regent University Commencement Address, May 5, 2007

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