Friday, November 9, 2007

The Romney Record: Higher Ethical Standards in Washington


"We can't have ethical standards that are a punch line for Jay Leno. When Republicans act like Democrats, America loses." – Governor Romney (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, Mackinac Island, MI, 9/22/07)

Governor Romney Believes Officials In Washington Should Live Up To Higher Ethical Standards:

Governor Romney Has Proposed A New Ethics Law That Would Strip Those Who Violate The Public Trust Of Their Government Pensions. "Saying it's time to clean up the ethics in Washington, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney today said he is proposing to strip pension benefits of any elected official or federal government employee who is convicted of a felony for violating the public trust." (Rod Boshart, "Romney: Time To Shore Up Ethics," Cedar Rapids Gazette, 8/2/07)

Governor Romney: "There are a lot of things about Washington that give me real pause. One, by the way, is just watching the scandalous behavior that has been alleged on both sides of the aisle, but frankly I'm particularly disappointed in our own. … [W]e'll see how many are accurate, but I think we're going to have to find a way to demand a higher standard. There is no excuse for unethical conduct on the part of people who go to Washington to serve this country. One thing I'd like to add, if I'm lucky enough to be President, I will fight for a provision, for a law, which says that if you're convicted of a crime as a government employee or an appointee – you're convicted of a crime that involves violation of the public trust, you've done some kind of abuse of your position – that you get stripped of your pension. A lot of people go [to Washington ] for pensions. We're going to take away their pensions if they violate our trust." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At An Ask Mitt Anything, Urbandale , IA, 8/2/07)

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Governor Romney Will Prohibit Family Members Of Cabinet And Senior Staff Members From Lobbying The Executive Branch.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "Presidents lead by example. And so, if I'm elected President, one of my first acts will be to issue an Executive Order prohibiting the immediate family of my Cabinet and Senior Staff from lobbying the Executive Branch. The standard for high ethical conduct has to be set at the top." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, Mackinac, MI, 9/22/07)

Governor Romney's Record Of Bringing Higher Ethical Standards To Government:

Governor Romney's Administration "Virtually Scandal Free And Restrained In The Exercise Of Patronage."
"Romney's obsession with maintaining a pure image annoyed many Beacon Hill regulars, but it produced an administration that was virtually scandal free and restrained in the exercise of patronage." ( Brian Mooney, "Taking Office, Remaining An Outsider," The Boston Globe, 6/29/07)

In January 2003, Governor Romney Issued An Executive Order Requiring Those Applying For Executive Branch Positions To Identify Family Members Working In State Government.

"Romney also issued an Executive Order putting in place so-called 'sunshine provisions' requiring new employees to identify family members working in state government. The 'sunshine provisions' in Romney’s Executive Order require individuals applying for positions within the Executive Branch to disclose in writing the names of all immediate family members as well as people related to immediate family members by marriage who serve as employees or elected officials of the Commonwealth. The information will be available to the public upon request." (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Names Professional Human Resources Director," Press Release, 1/9/03)

The Boston Herald: "Gov. Mitt Romney moved yesterday to let the sunshine in on the murky world of state hiring practices – a critical element in restoring public trust in Massachusetts government." (Editorial, "Gov Lets The Sunshine In," The Boston Herald, 1/10/03)

Governor Romney: "Sunshine has a way of clearing up potential ills." (Yvonne Abraham, "Romney Spotlights State Job Kin Ties," The Boston Globe, 1/10/03)

Governor Romney Abolished The Chief Secretary Position, Which In The Past, Had Been Charged With Placing Political Supporters In Jobs Throughout Government.

"Governor Mitt Romney today announced the appointment of Ruth N. Bramson as Director of Human Resources. … The move follows the abolition of the position of Chief Secretary. Previously, the chief secretary was the individual in charge of placing political supporters in jobs throughout state government." (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Names Professional Human Resources Director," Press Release, 1/9/03)