Monday, December 10, 2007

Romney: "America Needs All Americans"

News from latest GOP Debate:

Governor Mitt Romney Lays Out Optimistic Vision For All Americans
Sunday, Dec 09, 2007 08:30 PM EDTMiami, FL – Tonight, Romney for President Communications Director Matt Rhoades released the following statement on the Univision Republican presidential debate: "Tonight, Governor Romney spoke to the important issues confronting America today. Governor Romney believes that we all benefit from a Washington that stands for a stronger economy, stronger defense and stronger families. In 2008, our Party will have an important choice and Governor Romney made that choice clear tonight on immigration, health care, education and foreign policy. With Governor Romney's experience, vision and values, we can beat the Democrats and build a stronger America."

Former Republican Party Of Florida Chairman Al Cardenas On Tonight's Debate
Sunday, Dec 09, 2007 08:30 PM EDTBoston, MA – Tonight, Al Cardenas, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and a Chairman of the Romney for President National Hispanic Steering Committee, released the following statement on the Univision Republican Presidential Forum at the University of Miami: "This evening, Governor Romney gave a winning performance in the historic Univision Republican Presidential Forum, speaking frankly, openly and warmly about the issues most important to Hispanic voters and demonstrating that he is the only candidate that can bring true conservative change to Washington. On every issue raised, Governor Romney proved he is the leader that can apply conservative principles to strengthen our military, economy and families. Additionally, I am confident that Governor Romney's plan to improve our legal immigration policies and adopt sensible immigration reform will be embraced by the majority of Hispanics in our country. Tonight's debate was a tremendous opportunity for voters in the Hispanic community to learn more about Governor Romney's experience, vision and values."

Romney Comments From Debate:

All Americans Need to Come Together

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: America needs all Americans. We're in a time of real need. We're the strongest nation on Earth, we're the hope of the Earth, but we face some extraordinary challenges: global Jihadists, violent Jihadists want to bring down our nation and other nations. We face as well tough new competition coming from places like China and India, unlike anything we've known before. We spend way too much money in Washington, particularly on entitlements that are growing more and more weighty on us. We have extraordinary challenges culturally, as people are deciding to have kids without being married. There are all sorts of challenges in our country and right now we need to do what Ronald Reagan did, which is call on America's strength. As he faced the difficulties of the last century, he said, "Let's have a strong military, and a strong economy that can out-compete the Russians and let's make sure we have strong values and confidence in ourselves." The Hispanic community, like all other communities in this great nation, need to come together and strengthen America because this is the land of the brave and the home of the free and Hispanics are brave and they are free, as are all the people of this great nation. Thank you.

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