Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mitt Romney, A True Conservative Leader

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Another top-notch blog, "Mitt Romney's Rally America!" , looks at why Mitt Romney is the best candidate to lead with Conservative values and why the 'Establishment' fears him.

"The ESTABLISHMENT would have us believe that John McCain is conservative (maybe they are comparing him to the liberal buddies he hangs with) "

"Romney is a man people will listen to. The establishment wants us to believe that everybody hates him. Of course the establishment hates him because they fear him, and they fear him because they can see he is the only one with the qualities to totally change the establishment, totally turn things in a different direction altogether."

"But most important is Romney's reason for asking us to make him President. He has no personal ambition like McCain's decades-long power lust. Romney simply wants a better America for his family's future generations, knows that the American government needs overhauling, and recognizes he has the skills to produce a transformation ..."

Read Entire Article Here

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Rally for Romney!

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An excellent article detailing why Conservatives must support Mitt Romney over John McCain:

Rally for Romney
"Conservatives need to act now, before it is too late."

By Mark R. Levin

Mark Levin, a former senior Reagan Justice Department official, is a nationally syndicated radio-talk-show host.

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Mitt Romney is Right For California

No Presidential candidate is better experienced to help the state of California turnaround their economical crises, mortgage crises and border crises than Gov. Mitt Romney.

In this new ad, Mitt Romney asks for your vote in the California Primary.

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Undecided GOP Voters Pick Romney in Debate

CNN's Erica Hill reports on the results of dial testing among undecided voters during the GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library.

Mitt Romney had highest scores of the night, as John McCain looked on.

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Leaders Aren't Afraid to Tell the Truth

For all his claims of "straight talk", John McCain has trouble telling the truth. That was very evident in last night's GOP Debate in California.

Only true leaders have the courage and strength to speak the truth. Mitt Romney is that leader.

"Federal Way Conservative" blog has an interesting post looking at John McCain and Mitt Romney in last night's debate, entitled,
"McCain Sees Foot, Shoots Several Times".

Who is the true leader, who is the true conservative....

Check it out here

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Courage in "Battle"?

While John McCain was undoubtedly a courageous military hero in the past, he now seems not so courageous when it comes to battling in political debates....

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McCain declines one-on-one debate

NBC invited John McCain and Mitt Romney onto “Meet the Press” Sunday for a final debate before Super Tuesday. Romney, now the underdog and eager for opportunities to take on the front-runner, immediately accepted. McCain, who appeared on the show last week and is looking to protect a lead, declined.

There has yet to be a head-to-head debate between the two front-runners, and there likely won't be one before voters in more than 20 states go to the polls next week.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Diverging Visions for America Emerging

Governor Mitt Romney Addresses His Vision To Strengthen America

Simi Valley, CA – Tonight, Romney for President Communications Director Matt Rhoades released the following statement on the California Republican Presidential debate:

"Since the Republican candidates first met to debate at the Reagan Presidential Library in May, two diverging visions for this nation have emerged. One is steeped in Washington and places a higher premium on misleading attacks. Tonight, Governor Romney spoke to another vision that believes Washington is broken and in need of fundamental change. As President, Mitt Romney will bring conservative change that lowers taxes, controls spending and streamlines government. In less than a week, Americans from across this country will head to their primary or caucus location. To change Washington, we need someone from outside Washington."

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GOP Debate Tonight

Don't miss tonight's GOP Debate from California, there will be only four candidates participating!

The remaining candidates, Romney, McCain, Huckabee and Paul, will take the stage in a debate -- sponsored by CNN, the Los Angeles Times and Politico -- beginning at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, broadcast live on CNN channel.

The event is at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California

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Governor Mitt Romney On The Presidential Campaign

In Case You Missed It:

Governor Mitt Romney On The Presidential Campaign

Governor Romney On The Two-Man Race (Fox News' "Fox & Friends," 1/30/08):

Governor Romney: "I think one way is to have them understand as they increasingly do, that this has come down to a two-person race. That with Mayor Giuliani out and with Mike Huckabee having done so poorly here in Florida, that the options are me or John McCain, and that will bring a lot of conservatives together, if I'm successful in that effort. And I think in that case, there's a ceiling as to how many votes Senator McCain will get, that's the hope.

"I want to take my campaign to places like California and Colorado and Georgia. and, of course, Massachusetts and Maine and a lot of places where I have good support already and where I think the narrowing of the field, if you will, gives me a boost. Of course, Senator McCain is going to be going to states where he thinks he has got the best shot.

"But all in all, I think it's becoming a real race between two people who have two different views about the future of this country. I would never have supported McCain-Feingold, the campaign-finance law. From the very beginning, I opposed the final version of McCain-Kennedy. It was an amnesty bill. And then of course, McCain-Lieberman is in the same tradition of blame America first. It's wrong-headed. So, we'll have a very different approach and a very different campaign going forward."

To watch Governor Romney, please see:

Governor Romney On The Economy And California (CNN's "American Morning," 1/30/08):

CNN's John Roberts: "Lets take a look ahead to tonight, Governor. You'll be here at the Reagan Presidential Library to take part in the last Republican debate ahead of Super Tuesday. Here in California the economy is a big issue. Almost a quarter of a million homes went into foreclosure in 2007. What would you do to help people in California hang on to their homes?"

Governor Romney: "Well, far more help from the federal government on keeping people in homes – people who have good credit ratings, who have the capacity to meet the original obligations of their original loan. I don't want to see those people get knocked out of their homes, their homes going into foreclosure. It hurts those families, and of course, it hurts other families as the overall housing prices are brought down by virtue of that kind of trajectory. So, we want to help with the housing market. But there are other places as well. Let me tell you, California is at the cutting edge as you look at competition coming from Asia, and Asia is going to run past California and run past the rest of America unless we have a President who understands how the economy works, and how high-tech works. It's something that's in my wheelhouse. It's how I know how to get this country back on track. It's critical, I think, at this time. And that's why I think I got a good shot of getting real support from Californians."

To watch Governor Romney, please see:

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vote for Real "Conservative Change" Today in Florida

Mitt Romney is the best Presidential candidate to energize and fix our economy. He will fix a broken Washington and get our country back on track.Help get out the vote in Florida. Change begins with us!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Romney vs. McCain in Florida Primary

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Hugh Hewitt

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey --perhaps the most widely liked and respected center-right blogger-- endorses Romney. A very interesting read because I suspect Ed's analysis and decision is being replicated among Republicans across the country who are now obliged to get down off the fence and vote.

Republicans should also be watching to see if Teddy endorses Senator Obama, a potentially stunning development that, if it goes from strong rumor to fact, (UPDATE: it is now fact) may shake up the Democratic race from top to bottom. If that comes to pass the GOP will have to understand that sending an aging John McCain and a divided base to do battle with a brand new, post-partisan Obama would probably lead to a far worse result than the '96 blowout which featured another GOP Beltway insider and war hero. The idea of three debates between Senators McCain and Obama is not a hopeful one for conservatives who understand the stakes for the country.

Rasmussen Reports (1/28)
Election 2008: Florida Republican Primary
Florida: McCain 31% Romney 31%

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Mitt Romney on Passing of Gordon B. Hinckley 1910-2008

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney issued this press release today:

Today, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement regarding the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

"I was saddened to learn of the death of Gordon B. Hinckley. Ann and I respect him as a man of great faith and character. Like all people who knew him, we were deeply touched by his humility, his sense of humor and by the way he inspired so many people around the world. We will miss his leadership."

Gov. Romney will be taking a break from campaigning to attend President Hinckley's funeral in Salt Lake City, Utah.

My Tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley here

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mitt Romney Best for the Economy

Economic Turnaround Plan? ~ The Choice Is Romney

By: Vin Weber & Cesar Conda
National Review Online

"Since day one of his campaign, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney made it clear that complacency about our economy was not on his agenda by becoming the first candidate to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He has continued to outline substantive ways to sustain economic growth and prevent a recession, including making the Bush tax cuts permanent, reducing marginal tax rates for all Americans, providing relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax, permanently killing the death tax, and rejecting Social Security tax-rate increases.

"However, with economic and financial conditions apparently worsening, Romney believes Washington must act now. He has proposed a bold economic stimulus plan that would immediately help restore consumer and business confidence while providing new incentives to improve productivity and strengthen economic growth and America?s global competitiveness in the long term. Specifically, Romney is proposing a supply-side economic turnaround plan that would lower rates taxes on individuals, abolish taxes on saving and investment for middle-income investors, and significantly reduce taxes for business investment. The plan includes several core elements.

"For individuals, it would permanently reduce the lowest tax rate from 10 percent to 7.5 percent, providing up to a $400 tax cut for those affected. It would also eliminate payroll taxes on workers older than 65."
"Additionally, the plan will allow Americans with adjusted gross incomes of less than $200,000 to save tax-free, by eliminating their tax liability on interest, capital gains, and dividends."
"For businesses large and small, the plan would provide new incentives for job-creating investment. Companies could immediately write off or expense the cost of new equipment purchased for a two-year period, retroactive to January 1, 2008, making them more likely to invest in such equipment. This would boost economic growth, create jobs, and benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses, which often face cash-flow difficulties.

"Romney proposes to permanently reduce the corporate rate to 25 percent for 2008 and 20 percent in 2009. Today, at 35 percent, the U.S. corporate rate is the second among major industrialized countries."
"In 2008, we have a clear choice. We can select a nominee whose economic views have been shaped by almost 30 years spent in the free market, making businesses work and creating jobs. Or, we can pick a longtime politician who has never run a corner grocery store, much less the largest enterprise in the world – the federal government. The choice is clear, and the choice is Mitt Romney."

Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota, serves as policy chairman of the Romney for President Campaign. Cesar Conda, a former chief domestic policy adviser to Vice President Cheney, is a senior economic policy adviser to the Romney campaign.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

"Romney Dominated Debate"

MSNBC's Pat Buchanan: "I got to say that I think clearly Mitt Romney dominated tonight. His performance was flawless. He looked presidential." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)

Buchanan: "I think Romney clearly won tonight." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)
Buchanan: "He looked terrific. He got off the best two lines of the night." (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," 1/25/08)
Buchanan: "I think he was crisp and strong." (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," 1/25/08)
Buchanan: "If Romney is in the lead tonight and people are looking at this, he looks to me like a man, quite frankly that can beat Hillary Rodham Clinton and can be president of the United States ." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Romney, who is in a dead heat with McCain for first place in some recent polls here in Florida , had perhaps the best night, presenting a polished and confident demeanor." (Jake Tapper, "GOP Debate: Not Quite A Smoka In Boca," ABC News' Website,, Posted 1/24/08)

The Washington Post's Michael D. Shear And Juliet Eilperin: "The debate offered Romney a chance to shine as he received several opportunities to discuss economic issues and his experience in the private sector." (Michael D. Shear and Juliet Eilperin, "Republicans Play To Right In Fla. Debate," The Washington Post, 1/25/08)

The Weekly Standard's Dean Barnett : "With that preamble out of the way, I must unequivocally state that last night was an enormously successful evening for Romney. He's a serious guy, and a capable one. That came through last night." ( Dean Barnett , "Boca Break Down," The Weekly Standard,, 1/25/08)

Time's Mark Halperin: "… Romney came out strong, unapologetic and on message." (Mark Halperin, "GOP Debate Report Card," Time, ", Posted 1/25/08)

Halperin: "[Romney] settled comfortably into the 'looks and sounds like a president' zone that is one of his chief assets." (Mark Halperin, "GOP Debate Report Card," Time, ", Posted 1/25/08)
Halperin: "[Romney] Seemed to anticipate an eventual one-on-one contest with McCain, and displayed the confidence of a man who feels certain he has a spot in the finals. Bottom line: Benefited more than anyone else from the oddly low-key nature of a high-stakes." (Mark Halperin, "GOP Debate Report Card," Time, ", Posted 1/25/08)
National Review's David Freddoso : "By the time he was done, Romney even demonstrated that he understands why a one-time rebate is not a real economic stimulant." ( David Freddoso , "The Debate Begins," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

Townhall's Jennifer Rubin: "Romney had perhaps his best debate performance… He was at his best when speaking on economics and he successfully ducked a question from Giuliani on his position on a national catastrophic insurance fund." (Jennifer Rubin, "Republican Debates Offer Little Foresight," Townhall, 1/25/08)

Rubin: "He forcefully rebuffed the moderator's inquiries about how much of his personal fortune he has spent on the campaign. He too should be pleased that voters saw a confident, economically literate candidate." (Jennifer Rubin, "Republican Debates Offer Little Foresight," Townhall, 1/25/08)
Orlando Sentinel's Scott Maxwell: "Overall, Mitt Romney had a good night. He sounded informed, human and comfortable. And he handled several tough questions with ease." (Scott Maxwell, Op-Ed, "Debate Was A Good Night For Everyone But Pimps, Gamblers, Non-Republicans," Orlando Sentinel, 1/25/08)

RedState's Alexham: "There weren't many fireworks between our candidates last night, but one did stand out in a big way: Mitt Romney. He was good. Very good." (Alexham, "Romney Rising: And This Time, It's For Real," RedState,, Posted 1/24/08)

Alexham: "I think we are finally seeing the real Mitt Romney: The smart, wonkish, well-mannered, technocrat, problem-solving businessman. That's who Mitt Romney is, and he has finally revealed his true persona to the rest of us. And I, for one, appreciate it." (Alexham, "Romney Rising: And This Time, It's For Real," RedState,, Posted 1/24/08)
Alexham: "Romney is at his best when he is engaged in wonkish problem solving ..." (Alexham, "Romney Rising: And This Time, It's For Real," RedState,, Posted 1/24/08)
Alexham: "Be who you are Mitt, and you may just become the next president of the United States ." (Alexham, "Romney Rising: And This Time, It's For Real," RedState,, Posted 1/24/08)

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Mitt Romney - "Front Runner"

What They're Really Saying About Governor Mitt Romney At The Boca Raton, FL GOP Debate

MSNBC'S Chuck Todd: "Romney looks good and sounds confident tonight." (Chuck Todd, "Romney Starting Off Well Tonight," MSNBC's First Read,, Posted 1/24/08)

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: "Romney made a strong first impression." (Marc Ambinder, "Live Twittering Of The Debate," The Atlantic,, Posted 1/24/08)

Captain's Quarters' Ed Morrissey: "Florida voters got their final head-to-head look at the Republican presidential candidates tonight, and the winner of the debate was Mitt Romney." (Ed Morrissey, "Florida Debate: Romney Scores, Rudy Close Behind," Captain's Quarters' Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Morrissey: "He looked presidential, poised, and factually prepared." (Ed Morrissey, "Florida Debate: Romney Scores, Rudy Close Behind," Captain's Quarters' Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Morrissey: "In a debate that spent the first two-thirds with everyone doing well, Romney not only broke out on his own in the last stanza, he successfully parried some strange attacks from Tim Russert as well." (Ed Morrissey, "Florida Debate: Romney Scores, Rudy Close Behind," Captain's Quarters' Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

Michelle Malkin: "Romney's being treated like the front-runner and he's acting like it." (Michelle Malkin, "GOP Florida Debate: Show Us The Conservatism," Michelle Malkin's Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

Townhall's Hugh Hewitt: "Mitt Romney should send a thank you card to Tim Russert and Brian Williams. They threw hard balls at the former Massachusetts governor and he hit them all, many out of the park. Romney's allocation of time had to be disproportionate, but that was the Williams/Russert choice, and Romney made the most of it." (Hugh Hewitt, "'General Hillary Clinton' And 'They're Doing It In Europe Now,'" Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Hewitt: "Democrats watching tonight have to be very worried that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee." (Hugh Hewitt, "'General Hillary Clinton' And 'They're Doing It In Europe Now,'" Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

American Spectator's Wlady: "Terrific Romney answer to Russert's nosiness about how much he's spent in Florida. Russert's mistake: his insinuation that he was asking the question on behalf of the people's right to know. Romney instead let it be known he'll report his spending on Jan. 31, as required by law; and there's no reason to give his opponents a competitive advantage." (Wlady, "Rich Man, Poor Man," AmSpec Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

ABC News' Rick Klein: "Romney gets an initial question on the economy -- this is tailor made for him. He sounds authoritative and in control on this subject." (Rick Klein, "Live Blogging During GOP Debate," ABC News' Political Radar,, Posted 1/24/08)

National Journal's Jennifer Skalka: "Winners Mitt Romney -- Mistake-free night." (Jennifer Skalka, "No Battle In Boca," National Journal's On Call,, Posted 1/24/08)

Heading Right's Ed Morrissey: "Best line of the evening so far: General Hillary Clinton." (Ed Morrissey, "Best Line Of The Evening So Far," Heading Right Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

- Morrissey: "Romney just delivered a hell of a punch against Hillary Clinton, Bill, and the Democrats." (Ed Morrissey, "Romney Lapping The Pack," Heading Right Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

- Morrissey: "I am impressed." (Ed Morrissey, "Romney's Running Away With It!" Heading Right Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

American Spectator's Phillip Klein: "Romney is clearly benefiting from the focus on the economy." (Phillip Klein, "Quick Debate Reaction," AmSpec Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

Heading Right's Fausta Wertz: "[Y]es, this is the Mitt Romney hour." (Fausta, "Back To Mitt," Heading Right Blog,, Accessed 1/24/08)

Townhall's Matt Lewis: "If one had to assign a winner tonight, Mitt Romney would probably get the nod." (Matt Lewis, "GOP Debate Analysis: Florida Now A Two-Man Race," Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lewis: "The debate focused more on the economy than it did on any other topic, and I think he is more adept at talking about this topic than is his primary opponent, John McCain." (Matt Lewis, "GOP Debate Analysis: Florida Now A Two-Man Race," Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lewis: "He also did a good job of going after the Clintons -- something that McCain should have actually done more of." (Matt Lewis, "GOP Debate Analysis: Florida Now A Two-Man Race," Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lewis: "Romney was ahead in the last Florida poll I saw, and since nothing that happened tonight is likely to radically upset the apple cart, he wins tonight merely by maintaining the status quo." (Matt Lewis, "GOP Debate Analysis: Florida Now A Two-Man Race," Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

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"Romney's Best Debate Performance"

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: "I think conservatives probably related to Mitt Romney, talking about tax cuts, talking about being a governor, talking about what he did in the private sector for all those years. On the economic part of this debate, I don't think there is any doubt that this was Mitt Romney's best performance." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)

- Scarborough: "The first 30 minutes - it was about the economy. I thought Mitt Romney absolutely dominated that segment of it." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)

Time's Mark Halperin: "Romney A-" (Mark Halperin, "Who Wants To Be The Nominee?" Time's The Page,, Posted 1/24/08)

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: "I thought this was Mitt Romney's best debate performance." (MSNBC's "Live," 1/24/08)

National Review's Rich Lowry: "Romney has seemed authoritative – confident and on his game..." (Rich Lowry, "The Debate So Far," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lowry: "'We're the Party of Change' ... Home-run answer from Romney. It was drawn from his standard lines on the stump, but a terrific message, convincingly delivered." (Rich Lowry, "'We're The Party Of Change'," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lowry: "Good night for Romney." (Rich Lowry, "Good Night For Romney," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

- Lowry: "Romney is dominating the last half-an-hour." (Rich Lowry, "In Terms Of Sheer Time..." National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham: "Romney just stole that issue from both Rudy and McCain. His answer was intelligent and far-reaching. I liked the idea of high-risk areas getting together to pool risk. Rudy's been trying to pander with this idea and I think both Romney and McCain made the pandering look silly by taking a broader approach." (Mary Katharine Ham, "The Cat Fund," Townhall Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

National Review's Kate O'Beirne: "Romney's insights about his state's National Guard was helpful. He seems particularly aggressive and sure-footed tonight." (Kate O'Beirne, "On Offense," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/24/08)

Michelle Malkin: "Excellent Romney answer on Iraq. Strong, tough, focused on the surrendercrats. He takes on Dems for their withdrawalmania?cites debate in SC when Hillary refused to say she wanted to win and recycled Code Pink line." (Michelle Malkin, "GOP Florida Debate,", Posted 1/24/08)

- Malkin: "Romney excoriates Dems and says 'how dare they' take credit for surge." (Michelle Malkin, "GOP Florida Debate,", Posted 1/24/08)

- Malkin: "Romney just out-McCained McCain on the war." (Michelle Malkin, "GOP Florida Debate,", Posted 1/24/08)

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: "Romney was swell on the economy..." (Marc Ambinder, "Romney Made A Strong First Impression... No One Tried To Jab At Him," Twitter Blog,, Posted 1/24/08)

Hot Air's Bryan Preston: "Mitt Romney is asked whether the war in Iraq was worth the sacrifice and effort. He delivers the best answer of the bunch and punches the hippies in the Democrat party to boot." (Bryan Preston, "Debate Highlights: Huckabee On The Economic Stimulus; Romney On Iraq," Hot Air,, Posted 1/24/08)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mitt Romney - "Winning Combination"

Today, Romney for President launched its newest television ad, "Winning Combination."

In this campaign, Governor Romney is the only "full-spectrum conservative" that has the experience, vision and values we need when confronting the challenges our nation faces today. On the economy, his message is "stronger." Governor Romney is "at his best in crisis mode." In this election, he has "the credentials to run the country." In this campaign, newspapers and magazines agree that Governor Romney has the "winning combination."

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Mitt Romney - United We Stand

Regardless of where your politics lie, this speech "Faith in America," given by Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, is powerful and inspiring. May we all learn to see our inherent similarities so that we can truly stand---united---one nation under God. -SethAdamSmith

Enjoy this inspirational video created by SethAdamSmith, it features Mitt Romney and other American heroes of Liberty. Send it to all your friends!

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Our Next First Lady ~ Ann Romney

The beautiful and gracious wife of Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, our next First Lady, on FOX's "Your World" with Neil Cavuto.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mitt Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan for America


Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan – Washington Must Act Now:

Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan Would Provide Much-Needed Relief To Taxpayers, Businesses And Homeowners. Today, our economy is facing unprecedented challenges both here at home and abroad. Our economy needs pro-growth stimulus, but Governor Romney believes any stimulus package should return money to American taxpayers, not increase already out-of-control government spending. To promote economic growth, Governor Romney is proposing an economic stimulus plan that would lower taxes on individuals, reduce taxes for businesses and help homeowners through the current housing crisis.

· Individuals: Governor Romney would permanently reduce the lowest income tax bracket, permanently eliminate payroll taxes on seniors and make middle-class savings tax free.

· Businesses: Governor Romney would institute immediate 100% expensing of equipment for two years and permanently reduce the corporate tax rate.

· Homeowners: Governor Romney would reform and expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan portfolio limits to allow larger loans to homeowners.

Governor Romney Urges Our Leaders To Work Together And Immediately Debate, Pass And Sign A Stimulus Package For The American People. If our representatives in Washington can work together and demonstrate the leadership that the American people deserve, Governor Romney is optimistic that we can still turn this economy around. Washington must get to work immediately and pass a bill no later than February 19, a month from today, in order to stimulate our economy.

INDIVIDUALS: Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Individual Taxpayers:

Permanently Reduce The Lowest Income Tax Bracket to 7.5%. Permanently cutting taxes for all taxpayers will put more money in workers' pockets and stimulate consumer confidence and spending.

· Cutting The Lowest Tax Rate From 10% To 7.5% Will Provide Up To A $400 Tax Cut To Each American Taxpayer.

· Governor Romney Proposes Providing An Immediate Retroactive Tax Credit Reflecting The Lower 7.5% Tax Rate For 2007 Earnings To Employees Who Earned Less Than $97,500 In 2007. This tax cut would immediately stimulate the economy as taxpayers with the highest propensity to consume receive their increased 2007 tax refunds.

· Permanently Reducing The Lowest Bracket Is A Pro-Growth Tax Cut For The Tens Of Millions Of Americans In The Lowest Income Tax Bracket.

Permanently Eliminate Payroll Taxes On Employees Over The Age Of 65. It is not fair that seniors that have worked their whole life and earned their full Social Security benefit continue to owe payroll taxes to the federal government.

· In This Uncertain Economic Environment, More And More Seniors Are Returning To The Workforce. Governor Romney's proposal will provide an immediate tax cut to working seniors.

· Governor Romney Believes That Seniors Have Already Earned Their Full Social Security Benefit And Should Not Owe Additional Payroll Taxes For Income Earned After Age 65.

Make Middle-Class Savings Tax Free. Governor Romney's plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%. By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America .

· Allow Over 95% Of American Families To Save And Invest Tax Free: Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of absolutely 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends.

· Expand The Investor Class: In recent years, over half of adult Americans have participated in the stock market either directly or through pension plans and mutual funds. Tax-free savings will encourage more families to build wealth by saving, investing and participating in the stock market, which will help grow the economy.

BUSINESSES: Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan – Pro-Growth Tax Cuts For Businesses:

Institute Immediate 100% Expensing Of New Equipment Purchased By A Business For A Two-Year Period Retroactive To January 1, 2008. This plan would allow both large and small businesses to immediately invest in new equipment and capital improvements, which would immediately stimulate the economy and create new jobs.

· Boost U.S. Manufacturers And Vendors: Accelerating and increasing capital investment in equipment and other qualified assets in the U.S. will immediately provide a boost to U.S. manufacturers and vendors.

· Encourage Additional Business Investment: Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as S corps and LLCs, which often face cash flow difficulties, will benefit greatly by the reduced cost of investment in equipment under this plan. Additional investment and expansion by these growing businesses will drive economic growth.

Reduce The Corporate Tax Rate To 20% Over Two Years. Governor Romney believes we should immediately act to reduce the corporate rate to 25% for 2008 and 20% in 2009. A permanent U.S. corporate tax rate of 20% will attract capital, stimulate investment, and increase American competitiveness with the rapidly growing economies of the world.

· A More Competitive Corporate Tax Rate: Governor Romney has spoken throughout the campaign about the need to reduce our corporate income tax rate in order to compete more effectively against other countries with lower rates. The United States currently has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

· Encourage New Capital Flows Into The United States : Cutting the corporate tax rate will cause new capital to flow to the U.S. and make our U.S. companies more competitive by providing additional funds for research, development, innovation, and hiring of additional employees.

HOMEOWNERS: Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan – Helping Homeowners:

Reform And Expand Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan Portfolio Limits:

· Lower The Amount Of Upfront Down Payment A Borrower Must Make, Allowing FHA To Help Nonprime Borrowers Who May Not Be Able To Meet The Current Requirement.

· Raise The Maximum Loan Amount Eligible For FHA Insurance, Allowing FHA To Serve More Borrowers In Higher-Priced Areas.

· Expand NeighborWorks America 's Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative: Governor Romney proposes expanding NeighborWorks America 's Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative to help American homeowners stay in their homes. NeighborWorks America assists homeowners by offering foreclosure counseling and identifying refinancing opportunities for U.S. homeowners.

Governor Romney's Pro-Growth Tax Agenda:

Governor Romney's Economic Stimulus Plan Is In Addition To His Tax Proposals Which Will Provide A Sound Economic Framework For Long-Term Growth:

· Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent: Making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

· Roll Back Tax Rates For All Americans: As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money.

· Kill The Death Tax: It is unfair to tax Americans three times: first when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die.

· Make The Research And Development Tax Credit Permanent To Encourage Capital Investment And Innovation: Governor Romney believes that we must encourage companies to invest more in research and development to produce the innovations our companies need to win in the global economic competition.

· Oppose Any Increase In Social Security Taxes: We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans. Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security. taxes.

Prevent The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) From Hurting More American Families: At the very least, Congress must pass a patch to the AMT that will prevent this tax from affecting more and more families in America.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Romney Victory in Nevada

In the News

Governor Mitt Romney On Victory In Nevada

Boston, MA – Throughout the state of Nevada this morning, people gathered at their local caucus site and cast their vote for change in Washington. With this important victory in the heart of the West, Governor Romney will continue traveling across the country calling for change in a Washington that is fundamentally broken. Governor Romney issued the following statement concerning his victory in Nevada:

"Today, the people of Nevada voted for change in Washington. For far too long, our leaders have promised to take the action necessary to build a stronger America, and still the people of Nevada and all across this country are waiting. Whether it is reforming health care, making America energy independent or securing the border, the American people have been promised much and are now ready for change.

"The need for change is even more apparent today as our economy faces challenges both here at home and abroad. For decades, we have talked about the long-term economic challenges confronting our country but still the tax burden is too high, business is stifled by regulations and more money goes to defending against junk lawsuits than promoting research and innovation. Now, Washington must act and take the steps necessary to strengthen our economy. With a career spent turning around businesses, creating jobs and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to get my hands on Washington and turn it inside out."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mitt Romney ~ Momentum to Go All the Way

One candidate with the nationwide support needed to take it all the way to the White House. Washington is broken. Help Mitt Romney fix it.

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Romney Campaigning in Nevada

In the News

Romney Hopes To Claim A "Gold" In Nevada

By: Molly Ball
Las Vegas Review Journal

"While his rivals were campaigning in South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in Las Vegas on Thursday, hoping that going against the grain by competing in Saturday's Nevada caucuses will soon make him look like the smart one.

"'I feel great about Nevada,' Romney said in an interview Thursday evening. 'You've got a lot of delegates and a lot of great people. The support I've received here is encouraging, and it's one more reason why I'm going to go on to get the nomination.'" ...

"Republicans, he said, will regret it if they don't work hard for the region.

"'We need the intermountain West to win the presidency,' he said. 'States like Nevada and Colorado are purple states. If you can't compete here in January, how will you compete in November?'"
"'You can't win them all. I'm not like the New England Patriots,' he said, referring to the NFL franchise that recently completed an undefeated regular season. 'But you can get delegates, and I'm working hard to get the delegates I need.'

"Romney on Thursday visited a Claim Jumper restaurant in Henderson, where he accepted the endorsement of state Sen. Joe Heck. In a brief, well-attended news conference, Romney noted that there are 34 delegates up for grabs in Nevada, versus 24 in South Carolina." ...

"Romney told the press, 'Washington is broken. Washington does not deal with the issues important to Nevadans,' such as health care, the economy and illegal immigration.

"He reiterated his stance on Yucca Mountain: 'I would do nothing that would put at risk the safety or well-being of the people of Nevada.' As before, he would not commit to stopping the proposed nuclear waste repository.

"Romney then worked the crowd in the restaurant, shaking hands and kissing babies – and doing a double take when one baby he picked up looked familiar and turned out to be his 1-year-old grandson."
"Joe Wyson, 51, the owner of a local paving company, told Romney he was grateful to have a candidate who supports small businesses.

"More than 600 supporters greeted Romney at his next stop, an industrial space near the Las Vegas Beltway and Decatur Boulevard. The huge room was almost too packed to move, and stiflingly hot as a result. The crowd spilled out of the room to fill a stairwell and a flight of stairs all the way to the ground floor.

"Romney took the stage with one of his five sons, Josh, who lives in Utah and has campaigned frequently for his father in Nevada. As the crowd chanted, 'Mitt! Mitt!' Josh joked, 'A little enthusiasm would be great, if you don't mind.'

"Former Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn, an early supporter, introduced Romney, also with a joke: 'With all the kids here with their parents and grandparents, I thought I was at a Hannah Montana concert!'

"Romney, taking the microphone, said, 'We thought it was just a warm state because of the temperature, but the warmth of your hearts has really made a difference in our lives.

"Picking up the Washington-is-broken theme, he said, 'They told us they were going to secure our borders, and they haven't. They told us they were going to cut taxes for middle-income families, and they haven't. They told us they were going to fix Social Security.'

"'And they haven't,' the crowd chanted with him as he also cited broken promises on education and health care." ...

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Romney Ad - "Chairs"

Today, Romney for President launched its newest television ad, "Chairs."

The ad features Governor Romney addressing the need for change in a Washington that is fundamentally broken. For decades, Washington has promised action on issues like health care reform, reducing the middle class burden and securing our borders. Yet, the American people are still waiting for action. As President, Governor Romney will take Washington apart and put it back together. At this critical time in our nation's history, we cannot afford to send the same people back to Washington just to sit in different chairs.

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Ann Romney in Las Vegas

Romney's wife stumps in LV

By: Paul Harasim
Las Vegas Review-Journal

"If you're Ann Romney, you can go to bed at 1 a.m. after a primary election victory party, sleep four hours, take a 41/2-hour flight from Michigan to Las Vegas, and then appear ready to pose for Town & Country magazine as you talk to Nevada supporters about your husband Mitt's presidential candidacy.

"Not bad for anyone, let alone someone who was diagnosed in 1998 with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological disease that often leaves those afflicted in wheelchairs. "'I'm in remission,' the 58-year-old grandmother said in Summerlin, her wide smile evidence of the exuberance still lingering after her husband's resounding win Tuesday in the Michigan primary." ...

"Speaking to about 50 supporters in the home of Dr. Gregory Bigler and his wife Sally, Romney seemed confident that her husband would win Nevada's Republican presidential caucuses Saturday. "'We're organized,' she told the women, who are responsible for getting out the Romney vote throughout Las Vegas. 'I thank you for that.' ...

"The Las Vegas Valley residents who listened Wednesday to the woman who married her high school sweetheart 38 years ago are impressed with Mitt Romney's commitment to family and the fact he headed a financial firm before becoming governor of Massachusetts.

"Elaine Fish, 82, who still works in the family business, John Fish Jewelers, said Mitt Romney's business experience is what the country needs. 'He knows how to get things done,' she said. 'And he stresses the closeness of a family.'

"Betty Rumford, 70, said she is impressed with Romney's ability to bring people together. 'He did it in Massachusetts and got a health plan together for all the people that worked.'

"Julie Hereford, 65, said, 'Most candidates can talk a good game but they've never had to run a business the way he has. He understands how to strengthen the economy. That's what we need right now.'"

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Romney- "Together We Will Fix Things"

Romney vows to 'fix things'

By: Gina Smith
The State

"Fresh off a much-needed win in his native Michigan and itching to build on his momentum, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rallied supporters Wednesday in Columbia.

"Wearing no tie and no jacket, Romney appeared more casual than usual as he spoke to a crowd of about 400 at USC's Russell House on his plans to strengthen the economy, bolster the military by 100,000 troops and lower taxes for the middle class.

"An estimated 100 more were not allowed into the ballroom because of fire codes, according to Romney's campaign.

"'What I've heard is Washington is broken,' Romney said. 'Together we will fix things.'"

... Anne Buchanan and Kim Becker of Columbia, Romney supporters who attended Wednesday's rally. ..

"'All of his values are those of a true conservative,' said Buchanan, who supports Romney's education plan.

"'He's a very honest candidate,' Becker added. 'He's very down-to-earth.'"

"Wednesday, Romney attempted to distinguish himself as the candidate with business experience, an attribute that gave him a big boost in Michigan, according to exit polling.

"'It makes sense to fight for every single good job,' he said, noting that embracing innovation is key.

"'Anytime you see an industry that's struggling, you say ... "Is there some way of investing in technology, in innovation? Is there some new idea? Is there some way that America can keep its hold on this industry?"' Romney said to the crowd. 'If I'm president, I'm going to fight to keep every good job in this country.'"

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney Wins Michigan Primary

Governor Mitt Romney On Victory In Michigan
Southfield, MI – Tonight, Governor Mitt Romney earned an impressive victory in Michigan as tens of thousands of voters cast their ballot for conservative change in Washington. Elections are about the future and Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to build a stronger America. Tonight's victory is a victory for optimism over Washington-style pessimism.

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Romney Best One to Solve Michigan's Problems

Romney vows to aid car industry

By: Deb Price
Detroit News

"Saying he's seeking the gold medal in today's high-stakes presidential primary, Republican Mitt Romney made his final sales pitch Monday, stressing his Michigan roots, family ties to the auto industry and business experience. "At the Detroit Economic Club, the Bloomfield Hills native and son of former Gov. George Romney said one of his top priorities as president would be the auto industry.

"'If I am president, I will not rest until Michigan is back. Michigan can once again lead the world's automotive industry,' said Romney, 59, the former governor of Massachusetts who left Michigan decades ago for college. "Swamped by journalists, Romney later toured the North American International Auto Show, where he inspected such cars as Chrysler LLC's Jeep Renegade and ecoVoyager, and the Dodge ZEO."
"Romney focused on that concern, saying he would tackle the auto industry's troubles in his first 100 days in office. He also blasted federal regulations and taxes that hurt automakers – as well as increased fuel efficiency standards that President Bush recently signed into law. "'From legacy costs, to health care costs, to increased (fuel economy) standard costs, to the cost of embedded taxes, Detroit can only thrive if Washington is an engaged partner, not a disinterested observer,' he said.

"'This is what I have done all my life – take on complex situations, lead tough negotiations, find solutions, and get things back on track,' he said. "While saying he wasn't proposing a bailout, Romney proposed a five-fold increase – to $20 billion – in federal funding for energy research, fuel technology, materials science, and automotive technology. "He vowed to get rid of burdensome regulations, taxes and litigation costs that hurt automakers and other businesses. He said he would work on 'legacy' health care costs, but didn't offer details." ...

"Keith Albertie, 36, a vice president of a petroleum company in Romulus, said he had been undecided before the speech between Romney and Mike Huckabee. But Romney persuaded him he would best solve Michigan's problems.
"'It's all about Mitt now,' he said. 'There was so much energy and positive ideas in his speech.'"...