Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ann Romney in Las Vegas

Romney's wife stumps in LV

By: Paul Harasim
Las Vegas Review-Journal

"If you're Ann Romney, you can go to bed at 1 a.m. after a primary election victory party, sleep four hours, take a 41/2-hour flight from Michigan to Las Vegas, and then appear ready to pose for Town & Country magazine as you talk to Nevada supporters about your husband Mitt's presidential candidacy.

"Not bad for anyone, let alone someone who was diagnosed in 1998 with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological disease that often leaves those afflicted in wheelchairs. "'I'm in remission,' the 58-year-old grandmother said in Summerlin, her wide smile evidence of the exuberance still lingering after her husband's resounding win Tuesday in the Michigan primary." ...

"Speaking to about 50 supporters in the home of Dr. Gregory Bigler and his wife Sally, Romney seemed confident that her husband would win Nevada's Republican presidential caucuses Saturday. "'We're organized,' she told the women, who are responsible for getting out the Romney vote throughout Las Vegas. 'I thank you for that.' ...

"The Las Vegas Valley residents who listened Wednesday to the woman who married her high school sweetheart 38 years ago are impressed with Mitt Romney's commitment to family and the fact he headed a financial firm before becoming governor of Massachusetts.

"Elaine Fish, 82, who still works in the family business, John Fish Jewelers, said Mitt Romney's business experience is what the country needs. 'He knows how to get things done,' she said. 'And he stresses the closeness of a family.'

"Betty Rumford, 70, said she is impressed with Romney's ability to bring people together. 'He did it in Massachusetts and got a health plan together for all the people that worked.'

"Julie Hereford, 65, said, 'Most candidates can talk a good game but they've never had to run a business the way he has. He understands how to strengthen the economy. That's what we need right now.'"

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