Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Chasing Mitt Romney" - On the Issues

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Candidates are now trying to grab on to Mitt Romney's "coat-tails". Governor Romney has been consistent on the issues from the beginning. Yet many candidates are now spouting his agenda as
their own.

Here is an excellent post from "Mitt Romney's Rally America"

Listen New Hampshire!
Romney Has Been Saying All Along....

"...Romney has been saying all along that Washington is broken and that he knows (from a totally different perspective than any of the other candidates) how to bring change.

Pundits and news commentators and rival campaigns will scoff like school yard taunters, "He's changing again! He's flip-flopping again! Na na, na na na!" But the truth is Romney has been saying it all along. He has learned to emphasize one part of his message perhaps more than other parts, but he has been saying it all along... "

Read the entire post here

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