Monday, January 7, 2008

Comments on Gov. Romney at the Saturday NH GOP Debate


Fox News' Dick Morris: "I thought that Mitt Romney won the debate." (Fox News' "Live," 1/5/08)

· Morris: "You have to see this debate in two contexts. Partly, it’s a popularity contest but partly its an audition to see who's the toughest fighter, to see who would be the best boxer in the ring with Hillary or with Obama. Then he came across hands down as the toughest boxer." (Fox News' "Live," 1/5/08)

· Morris: "I really felt fundamentally Romney really made the field." (Fox News' "Live," 1/5/08)

National Review's Jonathan Adler: "At his best, [Romney] was persuasive and presidential." (Jonathan Adler, "Re: Spin Room," National Review's The Corner,, Posted 1/5/08)

National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez: "Romney showed a steadiness under fire, sounded like a guy who knows what he's talking about on a number of issues, and introduced more of his biography than he has at debates. I thought Romney's performance was a good start to a weekend of debates where he had to do well – if he does very well tomorrow night, kicking it up a notch, he might show he's a turnaround artist yet in this primary process." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "I Second The Levin Emotion," National Review's The Corner Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

· Lopez: "Romney is really in his element talking about substantial policy here. He knows this health-care stuff." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "They're Doing The Work Of The Free Market," National Review's The Corner Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

· Lopez: "I think this seminar format suits Romney, who is a wonk, who loves data and problem-solving (and has even done some of it)." (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "On Domestic Policy ," National Review's The Corner Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

The Atlantic 's Marc Ambinder: "And Romney is in his wheelhouse. He's been very strong so far and seems very eager to get in on every question, but his answers aren't forced. The Real Mitt Romney..." (Marc Ambinder, "Health Care," The Atlantic Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

Commentary's John Podhoretz : "Mitt Romney is the most impressive performer this evening, striking a judicious tone of urgency and fluency." ( John Podhoretz , " New Hampshire : Halfway Through," Commentary Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

· Podhoretz: "But as a matter of performance solely, he is far and away the best and he’s delivered it when he needed it most." ( John Podhoretz , " New Hampshire : Halfway Through," Commentary Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

National Review's Mark Levin: "I thought Romney actually held up pretty well, given the onslaught." (Mark R. Levin, "The Debate," National Review's The Corner Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

Riehl World View's Dan Riehl : "If you were looking for substance across the board on issues, I think Romney was the clear winner in tonight's debate. McCain's well-known temperament problems lingered barely below the surface much of the evening, especially when someone dared disagree with him. Except of course, for his hugs for Hillary and slaps on the back for Fred. This is a change election and old hands from the Senate will not get it done." ( Dan Riehl , "ABC Debate: It Was Romney's Night," Riehl World View Blog,, Posted 1/5/08)

· Riehl: "I've been watching the debate on ABC. I guess we can dispense with the nice guy image for Huckabee. He came out with one agenda - attack Romney. Romney handled it well. And as everyone else was on point and not looking to just attack, it left Huckabee looking like a jerk. Maybe he needs bookshelves floating behind him to make the nice guy image work? Just a thought." ( Dan Riehl , "The Republican Debate," Riehl World View Blog,, Posted 1/5/07)

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