Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Governor Mitt Romney On The Presidential Campaign

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Governor Mitt Romney On The Presidential Campaign

Governor Romney On The Two-Man Race (Fox News' "Fox & Friends," 1/30/08):

Governor Romney: "I think one way is to have them understand as they increasingly do, that this has come down to a two-person race. That with Mayor Giuliani out and with Mike Huckabee having done so poorly here in Florida, that the options are me or John McCain, and that will bring a lot of conservatives together, if I'm successful in that effort. And I think in that case, there's a ceiling as to how many votes Senator McCain will get, that's the hope.

"I want to take my campaign to places like California and Colorado and Georgia. and, of course, Massachusetts and Maine and a lot of places where I have good support already and where I think the narrowing of the field, if you will, gives me a boost. Of course, Senator McCain is going to be going to states where he thinks he has got the best shot.

"But all in all, I think it's becoming a real race between two people who have two different views about the future of this country. I would never have supported McCain-Feingold, the campaign-finance law. From the very beginning, I opposed the final version of McCain-Kennedy. It was an amnesty bill. And then of course, McCain-Lieberman is in the same tradition of blame America first. It's wrong-headed. So, we'll have a very different approach and a very different campaign going forward."

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Governor Romney On The Economy And California (CNN's "American Morning," 1/30/08):

CNN's John Roberts: "Lets take a look ahead to tonight, Governor. You'll be here at the Reagan Presidential Library to take part in the last Republican debate ahead of Super Tuesday. Here in California the economy is a big issue. Almost a quarter of a million homes went into foreclosure in 2007. What would you do to help people in California hang on to their homes?"

Governor Romney: "Well, far more help from the federal government on keeping people in homes – people who have good credit ratings, who have the capacity to meet the original obligations of their original loan. I don't want to see those people get knocked out of their homes, their homes going into foreclosure. It hurts those families, and of course, it hurts other families as the overall housing prices are brought down by virtue of that kind of trajectory. So, we want to help with the housing market. But there are other places as well. Let me tell you, California is at the cutting edge as you look at competition coming from Asia, and Asia is going to run past California and run past the rest of America unless we have a President who understands how the economy works, and how high-tech works. It's something that's in my wheelhouse. It's how I know how to get this country back on track. It's critical, I think, at this time. And that's why I think I got a good shot of getting real support from Californians."

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