Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mitt Romney, A True Conservative Leader

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Another top-notch blog, "Mitt Romney's Rally America!" , looks at why Mitt Romney is the best candidate to lead with Conservative values and why the 'Establishment' fears him.

"The ESTABLISHMENT would have us believe that John McCain is conservative (maybe they are comparing him to the liberal buddies he hangs with) "

"Romney is a man people will listen to. The establishment wants us to believe that everybody hates him. Of course the establishment hates him because they fear him, and they fear him because they can see he is the only one with the qualities to totally change the establishment, totally turn things in a different direction altogether."

"But most important is Romney's reason for asking us to make him President. He has no personal ambition like McCain's decades-long power lust. Romney simply wants a better America for his family's future generations, knows that the American government needs overhauling, and recognizes he has the skills to produce a transformation ..."

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