Monday, January 28, 2008

Romney vs. McCain in Florida Primary

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Hugh Hewitt

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey --perhaps the most widely liked and respected center-right blogger-- endorses Romney. A very interesting read because I suspect Ed's analysis and decision is being replicated among Republicans across the country who are now obliged to get down off the fence and vote.

Republicans should also be watching to see if Teddy endorses Senator Obama, a potentially stunning development that, if it goes from strong rumor to fact, (UPDATE: it is now fact) may shake up the Democratic race from top to bottom. If that comes to pass the GOP will have to understand that sending an aging John McCain and a divided base to do battle with a brand new, post-partisan Obama would probably lead to a far worse result than the '96 blowout which featured another GOP Beltway insider and war hero. The idea of three debates between Senators McCain and Obama is not a hopeful one for conservatives who understand the stakes for the country.

Rasmussen Reports (1/28)
Election 2008: Florida Republican Primary
Florida: McCain 31% Romney 31%

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