Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Josh Romney May Run for Congress

I live in this 2nd Congressional District. And, I've said all along, I'll be voting for Romney this November (I'm writing-in Mitt Romney). Now it looks like I'll be voting for another Romney, as well. Josh Romney is considering running for Congress in my Home District!

In the News

Romney's son may run for Congress

Mitt Romney's third son, Josh Romney, got a taste of politics during his father's campaign

By Cathy McKitrick
The Salt Lake Tribune

Rep. Jim Matheson - Utah's lone Democrat in Congress - enjoys broad support for his even-handed representation of the sprawling 2nd District.
For that reason, most Republicans consider him almost unbeatable. But if anyone could, they say, its Josh Romney, the third of Mitt and Ann Romney's five sons.
"Josh is incredibly bright, very able," said Kirk Jowers, director of the University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics. "He's really learned the art of politics over this last year, campaigning so hard for his father."
Mitt Romney garnered 90 percent of the vote in Utah's recent Republican Presidential primary. Jowers served as an advisor to his now-suspended campaign.
"Josh would be the best candidate we could put forward against Matheson," Jowers said Monday.
According to Don Sterling, advisor to Josh Romney, the young father of three is giving the idea "strong consideration."
"He's weighing his options and not closing any doors," Sterling said. "Josh feels he can be of benefit to the party and the political process here in Utah . . . now or in the future."
If Josh Romney commits to a 2008 run, can he win?
"I think the answer is yes," said Stan Lockhart, chairman of the state Republican Party. "Anybody can beat anybody, depending on the circumstances. It's a long way to
Even so, some see it as a long shot.
"It would be an incredibly difficult campaign for anyone to take on Jim Matheson," Jowers said. "He's proven to be an excellent legislator" - one who has scrapped to gain his status.
Such a run would require "money off the charts and name recognition off the charts," said KSL-Radio host Doug Wright, who seriously considered a race against Matheson himself in 2006.
"There was a better shot at beating Jim Matheson then," Wright said. "This will be an overall tough year. There seems to be a fire under the Democratic Party nationally."
Wayne Holland, chairman of the Utah Democratic Party, agrees that the political climate has changed - a shift he attributes to Republican arrogance at both the state and federal levels.
"It's a good time to be us," Holland said.
"Josh Romney has a political future," he acknowledged. "I can't imagine him challenging Jim Matheson, who has higher approval ratings than any other member of the Congressional delegation."
Matheson, interviewed in Washington, D.C., said he'll campaign hard this year, Romney or no Romney.
"I never run against someone. I always run for election to office. And I always plan for a tough race," Matheson said. "This year is no different."