Monday, February 4, 2008

Mitt Romney and the Future of the Republican Party

In Case You Missed It: Governor Mitt Romney On The Future Of The
Republican Party

Governor Romney On The Future Of The Republican Party (ABC's "This Week," 2/3/08):

Governor Romney: "Well, I think the answer is that you make sure as you go across the country that you build the support among the base of our party, to remind them that this is a battle in some respects for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Frankly, if we want a party that is indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton on an issue like illegal immigration, that we're going to have John McCain as a nominee, that's the wrong way to go. "Instead, I believe that you're going to want somebody who can show a contrast on issues like campaign finance reform, like illegal immigration, like global warming. Senator McCain wants to add about a 50 cent per gallon charge to gasoline for everybody in America. I think those are the wrong directions. I think the mainstream members of my party are going to choose somebody who stands for the same kind of principles that built the house that Ronald Reagan built. I think the voices of conservatism across the country – radio talk show hosts, magazine columnists and so forth who are conservative mainstream Republicans – are coming out for me in record numbers. "I think that's what you saw in Maine yesterday. The kind of support that came from the caucus attendees I think had to shock the McCain folks, because they had both Senators. Both Senator Collins and Senator Olympia Snowe were fighting very hard for John McCain. And they were shocked that Republicans came out in record numbers in the caucuses and said, 'No way, we're not taking a left turn in the Republican Party. We're staying in the house that Reagan built.'" To watch Governor Romney, please see:

Governor Romney On Getting The Job Done In Washington (CNN's "Late Edition," 2/3/08): Governor Romney: "Well, a couple things. First of all, it's interesting to see how Washington politicians think about action. For them, it's reaching across aisles and committee meetings and bills. Action where I come from means getting the job done, actually making things better for Americans. That means getting health care for citizens. It means balancing the budget. It means cutting out wasteful spending. It means creating jobs. That?s what I spent my life doing. "I don't disagree with Senator McCain on every issue. Of course not, particularly on Iraq for instance, we?re on the same page on that. But there are a number of places where he took a very sharp left turn. McCain-Feingold was one. It hurt the First Amendment, and it hurt our party. Then McCain-Kennedy, which gave amnesty to all illegal aliens in this country other than criminals, that's certainly not conservative. The new McCain-Lieberman, which put this 50 cent per gallon charge on gasoline, that's not conservative. Voting against the Bush tax cuts, that's not conservative. Senator McCain is a fine man and I understand why right now he's going to dress himself in conservative garb, but his track record and the bills he fights for are a long way from conservative." To watch Governor Romney, please see:

Governor Romney: The Right Experience To Strengthen Our Economy (CNN's "Late Edition," 2/3/08): Governor Romney: "Number two, does anyone really think that at a time when our economy is struggling, that the right course for America is to choose somebody who's never had a job in the real economy? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Senator McCain for that matter, have spoken about all the things they do, but they've lived their lives in Washington. And if people really think that a lifelong Washington politician can guide our country to build our economy to make sure it remains the most powerful economy in the world without having ever worked in the economy, then they've got a different perspective on how the world works than I do. I think right now it's more important to know how America works than to know how Washington works. I think we have enough of the politicians, and it's time to have somebody from outside Washington, like Ronald Reagan was outside Washington, go there and shake it up and get it back on the right track." To watch Governor Romney, please see: